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Maths help needed re meds. Hi all, between my chemist and GP we have changed my meds which were co codamol 30/500 . Taken two ,three times

a day To a single tablet of codeine 60mg and 500mg paracetamol two tablets , taken four times a day. I don't know if I am wrong but it seems like it amounts to the same dosage? I can see that I am taking the new dosage once more a day but I used to take the old dosage four times anyway. Is it me or can anyone solve this for me? Thanks for any info, Ann

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Yes that equates to 2x cocodomol 30/500 4x daily


You are getting the same total maximum daily dose but more frequently, ie every 3 hrs in 12 rather than every 4 hrs, this may help to reduce break through pain during the time of one dose wearing off and the next kicking in. It should be less noticable.


That is the same dosage you were taking before just instead of two 30-500 your now taking one tablet codine60 2x500paractmol instead, sounds good must ask my doctor for the 60codine might help better, I hope this helps cheers sue


seems to me they have just spread your dose through the whole day, maybe as already said it will help with break through pain and give more constant relief.

Hope it works and helps keep things under control.



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