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Referred to Pain Management Clinic Weekly for four Weeks

Referred to Pain Management Clinic Weekly for four Weeks

I attended a Pain Management Clinic yesterday & this is supposed to go on weekly for four weeks & then I hope to have learnt how to manage my various pain problems without having to rely solely on medication. Any information will help. I had a bad fall a few years ago & have had nine surgeries due to this bad fall. I have very bad lower back pain on top of pain from the three limbs affected in the fall. Two surgeries on my shoulder, two on my knee & five on my ankle! All nine are repairs not replacement!

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Talk to your Dr. About physical therapy, maybe swim therapy to see if that may be helpful for you


Okeydokey and thanks. I do swim a lot already, 2-3 times weekly whatever the weather.


When I went on a similar course, I had the firm idea that I could manage my pain away. HA! Even for me the thought was over optimistic. However that said I did find it very motivational. A year on, and the pain is no better, but I now pace myself and I am still doing some of the exercise so am flexible and fitter. Still using many of the tips that were as obvious as the nose on my face but I couldn't find the heart to get going with. It taught me to not beat myself up about the fact my life is dominated by the pain and that slow but sure might not get you there but at least I am no longer stuck at a red light. Well not very often! It sometimes flicks to amber. My top tip would be if you can stay in touch with some of the people who are on the course with you do so. There is something reasuring about chatting to others in the same boat. Good luck.

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Thanks. Good advice.


Hello MaminaElsie

Most people would give their eye teethh to get one visit to a pain manahement and tou have 4. Well done - make the most of it.

It will do what it says. Teach you how to manage your pain. As Ned says so much is common sense which only you can do.

One of the main things to learn is pacing yourself and not doing as much as you used to do. Listen to you bosy aand stop before the hard pain kicks in.

Do a little at a time.

Relaxation, exercises, what you feel you can and want to do. It is hugely beneficial. It will work together with pain killers in one form or another and maybe alternative therapy. Acupuncture.

If you have a family member or friend who can go with you even better. 2 heads are better than one for listening! And it will help them yo understand what you are going through.

Ask questions too.

And there's always an ear here happy to listen!

Pat x


Many thanks for the kind and helpful tips


I'm hoping to start a Pain Management course soon. I have an assessment in a couple of weeks, lasting two hours. I just hope to be able to manage better.


Thanks will do


Hello Bob here

Your journey in pain control has just began, as said above you will be given techniques such as relaxation. Tens, exercises, pacing and how too manage your medications.

If you need to see further Specialists,that will assist in giving you further treatments to make your life more comfortable

Medications can be an ongoing problem and it may take a while to get you on the right medications, also you may be offered further courses to attend to assist in pain control. It can take a while before these things can be arranged and facilitated, so it can go on for more than the one month.

All I can say is be open to Pain Management the more you are the more you will get out of it.

So enjoy and learn



I wish I'd been offered what you've been offered. I sort of had to work it out for myself, & although the pain clinic have given me a lot of help over the years there wasn't a course or anywhere you could talk to people about things.

The trick to pain management is to understand the word "management" - it doesn't necessarily mean "cure", it means learning to get the upper hand with your pain. And the other big trick is to learn that it often takes a combination of things to get the upper hand, whether it's a mix of medication or acupuncture or only doing half the ironing in one go so you don't make it hurt too much. Exercise is also good, even a little tiny bit. It might hurt at first but it keeps you moving.


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