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Wish I could stop shaking

I have essential tremor, so have a mild hand and head tremor, which doesn't really bother me, but at times I have this dreadful shaky feeling inside. Last night I mislaid something very important - about to have another look, but getting down on the floor makes my back pain intolerable. The depression is pretty bad, too. I have a pain clinic appointment for 22nd November.

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The shaking doesn't sound as bad as your back. And of course the 2 together will cause the depression.

Tell the pain clinic when you visit and they will advise on all sorts of possible help for you.

Don't expect them to cure everything - they can't.

Good Luck

pat x


Have to agree with pat, not all pain can be dealt with.

Now with the tremors your having, I can sympathize with you on this, when they come they are very sore. It's the unknown on which I don't like.

Hope your ok....



I'm not too bothered by the outward tremors - Mum had ET very severely all my life and mine is mild, it's the internal shakiness which is anxiety which gets me.

My back plays up on and off. The polymyalgia pain is mainly in the morning and the coccyx pain when I sit. Looking for something on the floor does make my back worse.

I should know today whether I have to go to the rat show on Saturday or not.


Worth seeing a chiropractor to see if you have any muscle spasms in the spinal muscles.


No doubt the our back carries our nervous system highway, I was at my chiropractor ( perthchiropracticcare.com.au ), and was advised to get rid of the shoes that I was wearing! As he explained they were not really balance, and in a long run will hurt my back. And that will be the start of whole lots of other problems.


hey! I have what you call ET - I was told it is BET - hence I call it Betty and sometimes I just give in to it and make them worse for a second eg:when my head wobles I wobble it more and this helps???!!!! I am 44 and lived with this as far back as anyone can remember - Beleive it or not seeing a chiropractor has helped significantly! ! Its worked for me - expensive but worth a try (I was pretty bad couldn't hold a pen and write)The non shake pills were unhelpful for me (I was a waitress who took up asking people if their arms and legs were painted on! - yes I was mortified with myself! - so I took myself off the pills - yes they stopped the tremors but adding that level of mortification to an already humilliated mind DID NOT help. They say deep brething helps -didn't help for me but long drinks of water did????!!!! So how I ended up at the chiropractor was through sheer embarassment - short of it - Christmas Day 2012 - daughter's boyfriend over and I couldn't hold my knife and fork during lunch. I was walking funny (of course it had been giving me curry for years but the focus was on ET) so I went to the chiro to fix at least one of 2 mortifying visual probs and here we are and both are HEAPS better ET for me is both physical and mental and understanding that has helped -good luck darl take care of thet back prob and you could be just taking back your life♡


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