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When we suffer chronic pain our treatments generally follow their own course and although we generally all follow very familiar course of treatments. this divergence will/ can change over the years. Thank goodness we are all different

Most of our medications therefore follow certain pathways in our lives so all of associated treatment patterns like Pain management and any additional operations we need to ease our way through life.No one one this site will have the same experiences VIVA LA DIFFERENCE.

When we discus medications and any problems we have with them are very selective and we will discuss them here for support and information, if something is wrong or have that knowledge to ask to change to something else

Last night I was asked by a writer on this site what my treatment regime was I give this for information to assist the person on choices that are available to them for the control of pain and nuro. I was pleased to do this. Although I feel that there is an element of people that are more interested in what we take to control our problems than the persons disability.

The list of medications is Not a badge that we need to wear and generally we only mention our medications if there could be contra indications, or we are looking for advice and suggestions on other alternatives that we can take.

When we are on this place and we discuss we are only getting a snap shot of those issues that the asker is suffering from.

We need to remember that like a car, we all have different types. The same applies with medications

We all are slaves to our conditions, we are all looking for those magic bullets to help us on our way towards a more full life we all need to remember that, personally I am not a treatment snob

All the best


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Hi Bob,

Well said and so very true. I know that my life and daily routine will not be the same as someone else with the same disability, that daily routine greatly effects my condition and the medication I can take. I understand the desperation of trying to find pain relief, the need to talk to people about what works for them, the need to talk to people who may be experiencing the same side effects.

I love this site because I do not feel judged for talking about my disability, my pain and my day to day struggle. I can ask questions here and have conversations with people who understand what chronic pain is all about. I have found both comfort, support and practical advice that has all helped. I always think though any advice on medications or physical therapies should be a starting point for a conversation with your Pain Clinic or Specialist. I do understand what you are saying about 'drug snobs' but I think that is a reflection on the way people are treated in rl as in 'you don't look ill' and the reply 'ahh but look at what I have to take to survive'.

We are all on this island together and it is good that so many people are willing to share. Another good post from yourself, I do enjoy your straight forward, logical and sensible advice on these forums.



A good posting. No two people are the same, but it is a place where we can share positive and negative experiences whilst managing the situation, with God's help.


Hello Incartek

BOB here

We all look towards a greater being for more help in an our onerous conditions that we all find ourselves in.

We all here try to give support and understanding. to each and every one that enters this site

Good luck keep a hold



Well said Bob, as you say thank goodness we are all different! A good site we have here and it has been a relief to know that others are going through similar to me. I thought I was losing the plot at one stage, then I saw that so many other people are in the same boat. Have a good day, Ann


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