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Amitriptyline for carpal tunnel syndrome?


Hello, my GP has just diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome and prescribed amitriptyline 10mg. I did some research but didn’t find anything about this drug being used for CTS.

I’ve only just started taking it, and I just feel so wiped out.

Is that normal?

Has anyone else heard of amitriptyline to treat CTS?

Thank you very much.

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Have had a quick look on web and I see that thier are people using it for CTS...

Maybe the reason you feel wiped out is because it is an antidepressant.. if you still feel off in a few days maybe you need to go back to your doctor to see I they can prescribe you with something else.

Glad your GP was able to diagnose CTS...usually tests with neurologist are required.

No evidence to show Amitriptyline helps wrist at all but it may help persistent arm pain.

I would get it operated on asap....only requires a local!


I had tests for CTN, I didn't have it fortunately but I was told if i did I would need surgery, amyltrptaline is an antidepressant but also used as a piggy back for pain relief.

Thanks for the speedy responses, guys. So it seems the drug is just for pain and will not help CTS long term. Kind of what I thought but good to get your opinions.

I think I will give the tablets a go and then go back to the GP if it is no better or the pain eventually returns. At least I’ve tried his first suggestion.

Thank you all very much.

Casperam in reply to JasonP

I’ve had CPS in both wrists and had surgery on both, it worked for me. I’m now on amitriptiline for another illness but would imagine your doctor has given you it to relax you at night and get some sleep. Hope this helps


Amitriptyline is usually taken at night and has a two pronged effect, one which is to help with pain and the other is to help you sleep, a good sleep is vital in managing the pain during the day.

Once you get over the side effects, cotton mouth, feeling sleepy/drowsy after you have just awoken are the main two, its plain sailing.

FYI it can take a couple of weeks for the Amitriptyline to build up in your system and for the side effects to diminish

Good Luck

Hi Jason

Sorry to read you've been diagnosed with CTS. Very painful!. Don't know if your GP also recommended you go to physio to get some wrist splints as they can really help with the pain when your having to do things. I speak from experience. They can also give a steroid injection if the Amitriotyline doesn't help and before they'll agree to the op. Do hope you get some good benefit. X

Hi, Jason. I have found that if I take amitrriptyline at 6pm (I go to bed around 10) I have a good sleep. If I take it at bedtime I wake up drowsy.

Hope this helps. Nerve pain is cruel.

Amitriptyline is one of those drugs that has been repurposed. If it had been developed more recently it probably would never have been classed as an antidepressant, as at high doses it doesn't worry very well as an antidepressant. However they found that at low doses it works much better at dealing with certain types of pain, mainly nerve pain.

My son is on it and for the first week he feels wiped out, but after that he gets back to normal, but sleeps better (he takes his in the evening) and the nerve pain is all gone now.

Interesting. I will start taking it earlier in the evening and see how that goes. Sounds obvious now you say it, but I was just going by what it said on the label (it said either at night or before bed, I can’t remember).

Thank you all for taking the time to reply. It is much appreciated. And I hope you are all doing well with your various ailments. Mine really is not that bad and I almost feel like a bit of a fraud.


Hi I use amitriptyline I have done for many years now. I use it and is best used at evening time for helping you sleep. I take it about 6pm and helps me dose off about 10 to 11 pm. it was originally created and used for depression.

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