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Holidays over

Hi all well two weeks off work on holiday were great now its a 6am start in the morning for me ,I will have my painkillers with me as I know that at some point I will be needing them. If only I could get a light duties job,if only we could all get such a job but we all know that such do not exist they do of course but only in this pitiful governments dreams .

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Hello Pirate

Had a nice time??.

We all come back nice and relaxed, then it just hits you down to reality with a bang. Life would be good if we could just control our environment either at home or away, That really to much too ask for

All the best



Hi BOB thanks for that an yes thats way to much to ask for lol.

Well first shift in an it was a hard one an yes so far today thats 4 pills i have had.

Hope that you are on a good day.



Hi Pirate

I feel your pain...... I have next week off but being self employed means this week will be hectic. Hope you have an easy week to break you back in slowly and that your body behaves.



Welshnut hi an lol it was anything but an easy shift I was so busy that the 5 hours flew in . just now my hands are cramping owing to the nature of my job.

Hows you today is it a good or a not so good day that you are having then ?.


Hi pirate, I am motivating myself to get ready for work, I have demob fever and am counting down the days before I go away on saturday. I have so much to do and no energy to do it but I am sure I ill get there. Hope your hands ease off as the day goes on and you have a better day.



Welshnut hi I am sure that you will make it through to saturday and then enjoy. As for energy I know all to well what lack of it means. With regard to my hands they are both not cramping as much today and tomorrow is my day off work so a long lie in for me then.

Hope you are on a good day today.



I had a break from the pain during a recent holiday. My physio asked if giving up work was an option. I nearly fell off the chair laughing.


Teadrinker its good to know that you still have a sense of humor still. and yes if only.


I suppose if I gave up work and kept completely still and didn't have to do any housework / driving / moving whatsoever, I might not annoy the trigger points that cause my pain.

On the flip side I will get over-weight, grumpy, depressed, bored, lose my self-esteem, have no money, and be very stiff, leading to ....... chronic pain!


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