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Hi everyone, new here was hoping you can help me.

I have been referred to the pain clinic by my doctor and surgeon can they help x

I had a spinal cord stroke three years ago and as a result I have been left with limited mobility I suffer from excruciating back pain and also neouropathic pain in both legs I currently take pregrablin and have tried gabapentin in the past do you think they will be able to help me find an alternative that will be more beneficial , thanks guys

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Hello BOB here

If you are going to the pain clinic,you will get out how much you put in. You will be taught relaxation ,pacing, and how to control your pain in the use of a TENS.

It is possible that if further treatments are required they will pass you down the medical corridor.

So it is all up to you, do not feel awkward with relaxation techniques and listen to their suggestions. It can be a very good course and in some ways depending on the results you make may lead you into further courses that may help you

All the best



Hi Bob thanks for your reply, to be honest I am really looking forward to going to the pain clinic, Hopefully I will benefit I am quite used to relaxation techniques, I learnt them as part of my CBT when I had counselling last year, I will update on how I get on and my first impressions x


Yes, almost definitely. GPs are not trained in chronic pain or the quantity and diversity of meds it can require. They can also help with daily management techniques.Pain clinics have made a huge difference to me. Good luck


Hi there, thanks for your reply, it sounds funny but I can't wait to get my appointment, I completed the in depth pain questionnaire last week, hoping to hear back quite soon, Pain is really starting to have a negative affect on my mood now, which is very unusual for me, will keep you posted x


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