DLA appeal and won anyone?

Hi y'all

I have been refused DLA again after a 2nd application 18 months apart. I have small fibre neuropathy and fibromyalgia. I was assisted by Citizens Advice and the adviser there thought i should get high level mobility and low level care and if I didn't to go back to CAB for the appeal form. I was wondering if anyone had gone to appeal and been successful? Thank you. Maggie xx

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  • its worth trying again. i won on my 3rd go with the help of the local benifit office and them arranging an independent doctor to come to my home and asess me. Good luck.

  • Oh well done. I'm going to give it a go - nothing ventured etc! Our local citizens advice team can't come with me to a tribunal as there are too many people having to appeal! I'll let you know what happens.

  • Dont you find it frustrating having to keep appealing it is like a full time job i feel, and costly sending copies of all the letters ect.. to them.

  • I won my DLA appeal last year by it being over turned by the decision maker, as i sent in plenty of documentation as evidence that i was not able to mobilize or care for myself. I also recently went to tribunal for ESA group on my own, i found it very daunting and i have a professional past as a nurse. Its the environment it is conducted in, however as long as you know the facts and can answer them you will be fine. I am sure like all of us we know our pain/disability inside out!! Good luck, keep us posted.

  • Thank you for your replies. I am going to appeal as my mobility is severely restricted. All they keep saying is that I can actually walk, but as my hubby says it's a disability allowance not an inability allowance! Might take him with me. I'll let you know what happens. Xx

  • You go for your appeal maggiet, you deserve it....

    Last year around easter time, I went for my 2nd appeal and in may I got it....but now am back to doing it all again....

    My dla is due renewal in dec 13, I got the forms through early last week, am I looking forward to all this again......NO.

    I wish you all the best x

  • Thank you joe69, I really appreciate that. And good luck to you too. As if it's not bad enough that we are in constant pain without these endless battles for the right treatment and a wee bit of help. Grrr! Happy Tuesday and the sun is shining :-) xx

  • I was advised by a charity welfare that you have to literally spell it out in simple terms to them. When i was questioned at tribunal the other day for ESA i has to say in meters how far i can manage, even then it was far enough to decline mobility to be recognized. I would advice you just keep trying your husband is right!!

  • Thank you for replying. Everything is such a bloody struggle from docs appointments to DLA but I'm made of strong stuff and am going to fight it. I want to put across verbally how it affects me, not just by ticking boxes! Good luck to you too and happy Wednesday x

  • Had it on my 2nd try. Sent plenty of evidence, documentation, etc.. that I had disability and trouble with mobility / taking care. As long as you can answer the questions and can bear through the whole process you'll get it. Don't give up! peerdiagnosis.com/lump-on-i...

  • thank you for getting back to me. I have lodged an appeal, got my medical notes from my GP and have an excellent CAB adviser. I'll see what comes from from the DWP and my adviser will look at it carefully along with my medical records and see where to go from there. I'm not going to give up - I just need some help to make life more bearable - like us all! Thanks again

  • This may be a little to late for your appeal. However I would like to say never give up.

    I have been waiting for 15 months for a decision and finally won my appeal last week after 3 postponements for further evidence

    Hope CAB can attend the Tribunal with you as they ask you a lot of questions and it can be quite confusing. I didn't have a rep. I went alone but I had gone through my medical notes, GP's evidence and the Dr they sent to my home for a medical with a fine toothcomb and made plenty of notes to speak to them about.

    Good Luck.

  • Thank you ladycaz for your support. Still waiting for a tribunal date and all papers are with CAB at the moment. Hoping for some good news in 2014!

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