Alternative to crutches?

I might need an operation on my right ankle meaning I will need to be non weight bearing on it for 6 weeks. When I had crutches for two weeks in February I gave myself tendonitis in both wrists and sesamoiditis in both thumbs. Still being treated for these! What could I use instead of crutches if I have to go ahead with the operation? A wheelchair just wouldn't be practical at home.

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  • Oh, that's rubbish news about the operation - though hopefully it will make things better in the long run? Will you be seeing a physiotherapist? They could probably advise you best. I would ask when you go the hospital for assessment prior to the operation.

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    They may be able to support the ankle in an orthopeadic boot, or you may be able to support the ankle with a walker with a seat where you can sit for rest

    You need to contact the occupational therapist, or arrange an appointment just before you go into hospital, not knowing your circumstances social services or another department may help with shopping etc, although not knowing the operation you may be up and about in a matter of days with assistance of pysio.etc

    Personally I have never got the way of crutches, there must be a better way I cannot imagine that they will ot assist

    in some way, good luck


  • Thank you. Looks like I'll be having tendon release operations on both wrists first. :-(

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    BOB here just a silly thought why not ask for upside down crutches.

    Sorry for above we need to sit back a little and and have strange ideas.

    When you start manipulation talk to the physio and they may have some suggestions regarding crutches. I cannot use them because of hands, wrists and spine, so they must have some suggestions

    All the best they will find something too assist

    All the best


  • If you have to use crutches, wouls wrist supports help to lessen the tendonitis? I 'm sure the OT dept will have a few gadgets you can use.

    Maybe split and use crutches inside and wheelchair outside.

  • Crutches need a light hand with as little gripping as you can get away with. Strong grip will cause problems. An OT may be better than a physiotherapist.

    When supporting yourself on a crutch you need to align the forces to travel through the long bones rather than try and use the muscles of the elbow joint.

    To use crutches eeffectively and efficiently you need to concentrate until you have lost your old way of using crutches.

  • not sure if you will be able to find them in the uk but you might be interested in a "knee scooter". there are many different version available in the US - i am an amputee but i have other issues as well including MS, i cannot use a prosthesis and certainly cannot manage crutches these days - i actually sent to the us ( ilive in Australia) and bought one of these as a means of getting a bit more physical activity and it worked well- sadly my ms has progressed and i can no longer walk but i can still use it to help me stand to transfer. if you do a google search you may find one in the uk now as i bought mine quite some yrs back. there are some other crutch alternatives on the web too but some of them look rather odd and i would be a little doubtful on how stable they are but the knee scooter definitely works well- the one i had was the TLC knee scooter but there are many more now- failing that, an OT may be able to mold a custom splint for you to support your hands in the correct position to help reduce the strain- after yrs of using crutches i have arthritis in the wrist and base of my thumb- the left hand is really bad and should have surgery but i would be completely dependent during the post op stage as i am wheelchair dependent and i live alone so surgery is not really an option. my hands have to the point where i drop things all the time and have no strength in the left hand especially- i had some over the counter splints that helped when at rest but not when trying to work in the kitchen etc so i asked an OT for help and she has used that heat molded plastic to make a pair of very simple but very effective splints for me-but that was the 3rd OT i asked and she was the only one who thought it worthwhile- it's certainly worth asking though

  • Why upside down crutches BOB? A walking boot sounds good. The podiatrist suggested I might be able to cure the tendonitis in my ankle with a walking boot without needing an op! That sounds good. However I don't hold out much hope as splints and cortisone injections hasn't helped my wrists and thumb. Hence the need for operations.

    I have seen knee scooters advertised. Not a bad idea, but I have dodgy knees too...

    Thanks all for your kind suggestions. It's hard when so many bits of my body seem to be falling apart!

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