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Beds, we spend most of our time in them in some way they are one of the most important pieces of furniture, yet they are possibly the least understood.

Many people just look at the cheapest that they can get some work on the purchase is my Mam and Dad had this type, had them as a kid or will take it and keep using it

The average bog standard mattress generally has a life of between 10 to 14 years depending on use. Many things need to be considered mattresses come in many shapes, softness, firmness and some have poor or good support bases are either sprung or beech slats surrounded by base. What suits one person will not suit another, orthopedic beds of one manufacturer may not suit you,although the wife may find it just right so the bed may be two singles in the same frame for best effect this is possible if the disabled person may have different needs than a fit person.requirements

The types of mattress are to many,to mention here it is a personal thing, when shopping lie on the mattress in the shop, lie on back first push the palm of your hand ,between mattress and the lumber region of the spine, two vertebrae above the monkey tail, the coxxas excuse spelling the hand should be free of pressure a gap should be there with no pressure on the hand. Now push your arms into the bed opposite the waist try an lift the buttoks slightly,then rest, this can check the firmness of the bed, now swing your legs off the bedsit up with your hands on the mattress feet on floor, your knees should fit firmly on the floor the nose of the bed should remain firm with a slight gap between knee and mattress if the mattress slumps it may be too soft.

Now lie back down firmly slowly, now move the legs to a sitting position on the mattress, move to the centre so that the head rests at the top and the feet to middle, ask or take a pillow with you that sets the hight you sleep at. now relax how you sleep,if you move on the side left or right you r hand push between waist and bed there should be a further gap there this is more pronounced on a woman,relax for say five or ten mins, move around the bed in the way you sleep. Do not feel self aware a good be does n ot need to be expensive just comfortable to you, do not be fooled by price.generally the latter will

As mentioned befor it is a matter of comfort normally sofness or hardness can be a good bed. It is spring density and weight that makes the bed some now have a rubber latex pad, while others are memory foam, some are latex and spring the makeup is vast now so you are spoilt for choice.

Personally Hazel and I prefer memory foam it can make you feel more light and moulds to the body, our other bed is memory foam 2 inch thickness on two sides with a solid foam in the middle this makes the bed more firm some have the memory foam on one side the latter turn head to toe when required, you do not turn a memory foam mattress. They are also a little warmer we find. we prefer beech sl;ats, you can use them longer and differing mattresses can be used on two singles.

When on holiday take a topper this will give more support if required, beds in hotels, bbs and self catering can be a trail. Some make a great deal of difference.



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Sounds like a work out in itself!

We were lucky when we bought a new bed years ago, that the salec erson had just been on a back and bed selling course, so he was very enthusiastic. We had little choice as we wanted a bed frame and not a divan. We are both 6ft tall, so we need a 7 ft long bed. (Comfy length should be 1ft longer than height of tallest person). They also said each person should have enough room to be able to sleep and move without the other person getting in the way.

We managed to make the height up for sitting by using a deeper matress. We tried many combinations, and finally settled for a fairly firm one that has a cotton wadding on one side for summer and a wool wadding on the other for winter.

We were also advised to rotate the mattress top to bottom every month, and change sides as per weather.

So our bed is long, extra wide and high - now where was that pea?


Good advice we have memory foam too, 2inches of memoery foam on top of a spiral sprung interior, quite expensive bed but worth it, we have it on a slated base and find it good, firm but not too hard.

I have often thought of single beds though as I find no matter how quiet or easy we are at night one person moving about on the mattress wakes the other...:)


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