Yogi bedtime tea and bedtime lotion with magnesium in it

I've been told by a friend that these together at night along with your normal painkillers are great for relaxing and getting at least a few solid hours sleep.

So after Christmas I will be doing a trial run for a few weeks and I will share my experiences with you .

A bit about me:

I'm 27 with a 3 year old child (so don't ever sleep great anyway) , I've got severe pain and swelling in my hip which stops me walking sleeping standing pretty much everything that isn't lying on my good side in bed with my godsend memory foam pillows. However sleep is not my friend at all and I barely get a few hours a night even with all the painkillers and the best bed I could get.

I'm pretty much at my wits end and without having a glass of whiskey a night lol I can't even really get to sleep , so I've been doing some research after my friend mentioned these products and by the looks of it they do actually help most people.

So fingers crossed!!!

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  • Sorry but what is this. "Yogi bedtime". ....

  • It's a tea blend to help you sleep.

  • You can find it online

  • I've got some but haven't tried it yet 😀

  • Let me know what you think x

  • Thanks Bexamy

  • Just be careful combining magnesium with painkillers.

    It has an inhibiting effect on many. Maybe not as a lotion but certainly taken orally.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Madlegs1

    can you tell me what is meant by an inhibiting effect. I use a water filter which has magnesiun in it and have gabapentine fot neuropathy. Does this mean I am not getting full benefit of pain killer? Appreciate your reply. Thanks

  • Yes please could you go a bit more in depth with what you mean please

    Thank you

  • Inhibiting effect means it prevents something working to full effect.

    Mg and Gabapentin are notorious for this- they should be taken at least 2 hrs apart. Read the Patient Leaflet.

    It depends on how much mg gets into your body from the water softener- ask the manufacturer.

    Magnesium interacts with about 200 medications- basically it binds with the active constituents and either slows them up or stops them working.

    If in any doubt , just google "( my med) and magnesium "

    Hope this helps.

    I doubt if mg used as a rub has much effect-as an inhibiting agent , although it is claimed that mg taken this way is absorbed much better by the body. But then, maybe not in the stomach, where most of the action takes place.!

    All the best.

  • I knew what inhabited meant lol but thank you Ive looked and it has little to no effect and tbh my painkillers don’t work anyway so wouldn’t make a different but if it helps me sleep then bring it on!

  • I have recently started on magnesium tiuate. It does help my body relax. I saw a Nutritionist yesterday, she recommended some more vitamins and minerals. She assured me that a body can heal itself with the right nutrition. Even my bones and joints. I know that changes won't happen over night. But its been about 10 days now. Although I still have pain, it is subsiding some. Try stretching. Not to a painful point, but just enough to feel the stretch. It helps. Best of Luck to you. 3 year olds will definitely keep you on your toes! My kids are grown. I'm ready for grand babies. Lol

  • It's called a "bedtime lotion" it's just got some magnesium in it, I more want it for the lavender smell to help relax but I've heard from a lot of people including my old doctor that magnesium can actually help with pain and chronic pain plus having a massage every night can't help lol.

    I'm glad your finding some relief from it :)

    I do yoga with my little one every other day to help keep the rest of my body ok as my other hip tends to hurt a lot as I'm compensating a lot of the fact I can't use my other leg lol.

    To be fair he's am amazing little boy and very helpful and is happy to chill with me most the time and we do lots of messy activities to make up for the fact I can't leave the house lol


  • I take a high strength magnesium for cramps in my legs along with fentanyl gabapentin and for break through pain naxopram and tramadol. I started taking magnesium orally earlier this year as it was recommended for cramp and I have to say it is brilliant within 48 hours my cramps had stopped and I have not had any problems with a reduction of pain relief. If fact just the opposite.

  • Don't you get it from the doctor or from a shop? I've heard a lot of amazing things about it and it's help with pain. The spasms I get along with the pain in my hip are uncontrollable at the moment , do you think it would help?

    I'm seeing my pain doctor in January and got lots of new things to discuss with him thanks to this forum :)


  • Hi bexamy my husband got them for me on line from nature's best. I even did a test and stopped them for a month and then restarted them and within 48 hours the cramps had subsidised again. I hope that it helps

  • I've taken the plunge and bought them will start the lotion tomorrow but the tea wil have to wait until after Christmas, we've just bought all our Christmas shopping and lots of mulled wine lol I know I will be sleeping quite nicely the next few days lol

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