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Positive Things


Positive things yesterday, we had the occupational therapist down yesterday to discuss a new adapted bathroom, all was positive, so now can go ahead.

Yesterday afternoon we got the the green light to purchase the next door bungalow so we can now knock them in together and adapt the property for me, this one as is next door to small although together will make a nice detached bungalow. One problem we have is the size of the garden, although we have now found a gardener to do the heavy lifting.We have four hundred feet of hedge too remove and extend the central heating.

So it is all happening it is funny how we had the chance at the right time to purchase the other at this time, as we would have had too move out of here to get adaptations done.

One of my past hobbies was growing fruit trees so now I will be able to plant more trees a sad buisiness as we have it seems have lost an established orchard in Morpeth due to the environment agency

Today we are beginning to set the cogs in motion, so all sounds good.

With a little luck this should help with my depression so something more positive comes out of this.

Next week we are going down to our old address to meet estate agents regarding the selling or our old family home of fifty years. The flood works are still going on so it is going to be a stressful day. As we see what they have done to our home. of so many years.

Now we have good people living by us and as in country locations look out for each other.So all is positive.

So our new life starts for the last decades of our life

All the very best


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hi BOB, letting go of a loved home is always sad. take lots of photos - and silly ones too! these and the god memories you have will help you through.

that is good news about the new bungalow and the adaptations :)

don't do what jimmy did - he knocked two rooms into one - the living room and front bedroom, by removing the ceiling :D hee hee!


Hello Sandra

Thank you we have been up here in our bungalow on and of for 18 months although started living here for last two months, we had thought that we lost next door then although our nieghbours waited so we could purchase it, several people were interested in it, they thought that it would be ideal for my disability so stepped we could adapt them as we were going to have to move completely to get the adaptations done.

So my wife is getting all exited as am I , it is a lovely location, some people are very kind,

All the best



I wish you every happiness. and what nice people :)



Hi Bob, so exciting. I wish you and your wife every happiness . One thing is, you will not be bored in the coming months! xx


It is so great to read this, Bob, it is such a positive thing and it is wonderful that others have pulled out when they saw your need for the bungalow next door. I really hope you can grow your own fruit, that will be good for your health and your mental state, you will derive so much satisfaction from it. I love to be able to potter in the garden now that the weather is a little warmer and hope that the injections I have this coming Thursday in my back will enable me to do more.

Do keep us informed as to how things go.

Best wishes,



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