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Hospital admission

Been in hospital since last week. Brain scan was alright but blood result wasn't . My haemoglobin is 3.2 which is to to be at least 11 which means I would need blood transfusion. Repeat blood was done on Friday but was told result is not back. The consultant said on Friday he will review me today. No senior doctor on the ward which means it will be on Tuesday. the registrar thing it might be CRPS but that doesn't explain the low Hb. Physio said they can't do anything till my blood result is back. Now its waiting game. Hopefully it won't be long and I can go home in few days.

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Hi angelaontheroad Why were you having a brain scan? Your Hb is low but it has taken a week to find this out,In patients bloods are usually done in the morning so that the result is back by earty afternoon. You do realise that it is a holiday week end and nobody works Are you in a Scottish Hospital? I have experince of this. There might be other reasons for the low Hb eg Some medications. I am quite quite concerned about what goes on in our hospitals. I hope you get better news but dont be unwell at night and week ends and holidays.

Moggiemay xx


How are you feeling today Angel? Any useful news?


Hope you get results soon. Ridiculous time to wait for them, especially when you are in hospital. You'd think it would be quicker when you are an in-patient! Thinking off you and wishing you good news.



Tkx all. The blood result is now 9 and I was put on iron tablet by the pain consultant. My other medications was also review. Still in hospital, hoping to be discharged by friday. Seen all the different consultant from neurologist, urologist, pain, psychologist, physio and OT.


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