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Hi All well thats my shift over for another day I work 5x4 hours a week.

Remploy got me the job as a cleaner in Asda where I work behind the scenes iin an area that is called Colleagues Area.

When my shift is over I head home thankfull that I managed another day at work I hide my pain most days though I have to take my painkillers in work in order to keep me going.

I am glad that I can get out as with the pain it does grind you down

As for my pain it would seem that after my visits to the Pain Clinic and increased pill dosage a Tens machine the pain is still with me .hope that you are all having a good day . .

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Well done to you for keeping active. Pain is something that yes, we all have. We all have our own ways with dealing with pain. Most like tens, then some don't, am sorry am in the don't category. It only helps me when attached, but then I would need one to most areas of body. You keep to what you like to help with your pain.


PIRATE185 in reply to joe69

Hi Joe you are right in what you say as for me the combination of Pregabalin Cocodamo; and Tens on a daily basis is what I use in order to get through my day as all three together lessen the pain but do not take it away.

Hi Pirate,

The pain does grind you down, but there's always a bit of satisfaction that you beat it again for another day. There's absolutely no reason why pain should stop people from living and working. Its just a bit harder for us that's all.

I became self employed so I could fit my work in around therapies, family and bad days. On a good day I can do 6 hrs and on the bad days I'm lucky if I can do 2.

TENS stopped working for me after a while. It became an irritant of my pain rathercthan a soother. But it was great when it did work.

PIRATE185 in reply to zanna

Zana Hi hope that you are having one of your good days today. Am just in from my work and my legs are sore again its time for my cocodamol tablets.I find that 4 hours is bearable any more say 5 as it happens the odd time is my max . I hate to moan at home and try not to if I am very sore I just head to bed with a couple more painkillers. But its still good to get out I would hate to be stuck after day. .

Hi Pirate,

We all have our own ways in dealing with pain, don't we . And we all know that life events can make it better or worse for us to handle. Like you and many others I keep as active as I can,take my meds and use whatever I can to aid pain relief. No none of them take pain away,but some do lessen it for a bit.. For me my greatest aid is to remind myself there is someone somewhere far worse off than me, that seems to work most of the time.

PIRATE185 in reply to thenunn

Hi Thenunn yes your right in what you say its true that there are people worse of and they have my best wishes .Nothing seems to keep the pain away from my legs.Just now I am 58 and I hope that I can continue working away till I retire at 66.

Hope that this gets to you on a good day for you .

Hi Pirate, yes, we all have our own ways of dealing with pain. I try to accomplish at least one thing every day, even if is washing curtains, finishing a piece of knitting, yesterday it was listening to some music and sharing a few songs from way back,with friends via facebook.

Today I shall send a long chatty letter to my son and his family in South Africa.

I take each day as it comes, sort the pain as well as I can and always try to keep in mind that there are people a lot worse off than myself. Mind you I have days where I really could,nt give a continental about anyone! Bad days hit me and I deal with them the best I can. Main aim then is to try not to take it out on my better half. Life is good, have a happy day, Ann

PIRATE185 in reply to superannie

Hi Annie when you write that letter to your son would you please ask him to send back some of that sunshine for us,here in Glasgow it rains and rains etc day after day. I hope this finds you on a good day .

As I have done my shift its time to grab a wee 40 winks as my legs are sore and I have just took a painkiller.

thenunn in reply to PIRATE185

Have a good 40 winks :) sending some southern sunshine your way hope it helps


It is important to get out and pretend to be normal and mix in the work force where most of life takes place. I tried last year but it was a disaster. I didn't tell anyone about my back and I went from zero to hero working full time as that was all I could get. Trying to cope with the pain and the strain of being with unluckily unpleasant people meant I just couldn't cope. My toe broke for no reason and it was just one more thing to cope with so I had to quit for my sanity. Sadly, the quitting and the reality of my situation plunged me into the worst bout of depression I've ever had so I'm hiding out like a hobbit atm trying to get back to where I was. So, good on you Pirate for getting out there! Respect! ;)

PIRATE185 in reply to Boozybird

Boozybird Hi yes getting out to work is a good thing I was lucky to get the job through Remploy and thats almost a year in already. sadly I find that as you did there are certain people that are unpleasant even though everyone working in Asda are supposed to be happy to help. I hope that you dont have to far to travel in order to get back to where you were and that you will arrive there soon. And thanks for the comment.

thenunn in reply to Boozybird

Hi Boozybird, yes its hard when we are out of work. Depression hits hard and coping with that and pain is even more of ..a pain :). Ive done a few little bits here and there since being medically retired from a job I had done for 11 years and had hoped I would do till age retirement. It took me over 12 - months to deal with that loss and the loss of my work mates. But I am now in a position to feel confident I can offer someone 10 -12 hours a week ..I am hoping to be starting soon as a care worker in the community.If I find I can manage more than 10-12 hours then I will,but no point in starting out big and not being able to fulfil obligations.

I hope you are able to find something that suits you and helps .

best wishes


Thanks both. I know it's a common problem. Isolation from all that's normal grinds away. Finding the necessary energy is the key I guess. Best wishes. :)

Hi Pirate

Your messages are inspiring. I am always thankful that I have work to go to and mindful of the fact that lots of people can't, and like you, grateful that another day at work has gone by and I've made it!

I decided a while ago that there wasn't going to be one single thing to help my pain, and that it wasn't going to go away completely. Some days are easier than others. You count your blessings when it's good, even if a good day means that the pain has only reduced a little bit.

Keep going!

PIRATE185 in reply to teadrinker

Teadrinker Hi I know just where you are coming from. as there is never a day goes by but at some point its time to take some pills in order to reduce the pain .As for the other side the mental side not being able to do even simple things gets to me at this point I will go out into the garden or if the weather is bad my bedroom and cry when there is no more tears I pick myself up pull myself together till the next time. In amongst all this cycle of pain and feeling low when things just get on top there is always good things as well my family and my 3 grankidds and my wife are there for me. as she always has been .

Hello everyone I'm new to this Site. What is everyone in pain with.mine is stenosis and arthritis all through me. It's good to read all the comments.

PIRATE185 in reply to blacky000

Blacky000 Hi and welcome to this site I am sure that you will find people with similar symptions as yourself and they will be able to share with you help about your medication and so on.So dont worry as we are all in the same boat .

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