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Ultrasound scan or CA125 blood test

Until recently I have been able to have a CA125 blood test annually as my Mum died of Ovarian cancer but the criteria has now changed. My Doctor agreed for the blood test, blood was taken and the Path Lab said that I did not meet the criteria and wouldnt check my blood. I have spoken to my Doctor and he advised that the rulings have changed and I need to have two family members to have died of ovarian cancer. Prior to having the blood test I went down to the Mary How Trust in Pulborough for a scan of my ovaries but as this is a long journey from Newbury, Berkshire, can anyone advise me please where I could have the scan or blood test either on the NHS or privately in my area. Very many thanks Angie

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Hi Angie,

I am sorry that I m not much help with this, perhaps you could give the Ovacome helpline a ring tomorrow and speak to Ruth Payne tel 0845 371 0554 she might be able to advise you.

Best wishes love x G x


Thanks Gwen. I will give Ruth a call.

Very best wishes

Angie x


I don't know your area, I am afraid, but would think someone locally would do the blood test privately, though might be expensive.

Eileen x


I have been told that the CA 125 test only costs £20.00 and if the doctor is not prepared to do it on the National Health then you can pay for it yourself. I know it is really annoying that you find yourself in this position, but if it is only once a year then I think it is worth it.


Thanks for the information. I will have to speak to my Doctor again and offer to pay for the CA 125 test but will also give Ruth a call. Very best wiishes Angie x


I think it is ridiculous that the NHS do not provide CA tests whenever requested at no cost to the patient. I have requested these tests outside the normal time criteria on 2 occasions both fulfilled without obligation with 2 differant hospitals although the wife is a cancer sufferer, but it should not matter if your not. I was lead to believe the NHS were considering this test as a screening method in the future. Rgds Paul


I know it is all wrong and I should be allowed to have at least the CA125 test and it was so annoying that my Dr had agreed to this and then the Path Lab would not check my blood. After my Mum died about 25 years ago, I took part in research at Kings College Hospital into ovarian cancer and had ultrasound scans and after a few years there was no funding to be able to carry this on. During this time they did find cysts in one of my ovaries but fortunately they did disperse. I just feel it is so important for me to have some kind of a check, so I will phone a few private medical establishments locally to see if I can organise something. Very best wishes Angie


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