Drug before flying?

Hi everyone,

With my break from treatment confirmed, which I hope means all is well for the moment, I'm hoping the onc may change his mind about me flying to see my grandaughter. I know that a few months ago SpanishAnna put up a post with the name of a drug her doctor gives her before she flys. Is Anna around, or does anybody else of details of this drug before I go to see the oncologist again next week.


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  • Hallo Grey Badger

    This is probably no help at all but I took a 10 hour flight to the Maldives (a treat from my fabulous son) during a period of remission, and had no ill effects. My Onc was perfectly happy for me to go and didn't mention anything at all about taking a drug before hand.

    Of course, you may need something for a specific reason. In any case, I hope you can take your trip and have a wonderful time.

    Very best wishes

    Patsy x

  • Hi,

    I think the issue with flying is air circulation & the risk of picking up other people's bugs.

    Maybe if you boost your immune system with some supplements, wear a mask & ask to be moved if anyone around you appears unwell you will be fine.

    Have a great holiday

  • Thanks for your help. My onc has specifically said up to now that I can't fly, and he knows why I want to... I did have fluid on the lungs, but that has gone now. It is also a long flight to LA....

  • Hi Greybadger,

    The drug I take before flying is Clexane. I have to inject myself the night before I fly, as I suffered DVT about 3 years ago, chemo related of course.

    I always wear Clinova Face Masks which I get from Chemist Direct about 98% prevention from germs. Ugly but brilliant.

    Tea Tee Oil is also something my husband uses, a few drops on a clean handkie and put into a sealed bag then sniffed throughout the flight. Tea tree oil has been proven to be a powerful yet natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal medicine (essential oil).

    Being on maintenance chemo, I am always at risk from infection, but have never had any problems when using the face masks. We fly a lot to the UK to visit family and also go on holiday.

    However I am a coward, I personally wouldn't fly out of Europe, I want to be able to get back home quickly if things take a turn for the worse.

    Good luck with your decision on your trip.

    Anna xx

  • I knew you had put this up before but I forgot to write it down. It is DVT that my onc is worried about most I think, but of course La is a long way, so it will take some long hard thinking if he says yes, otherwise I've got to wait until August, and she'll have had her first birthday by then!

  • Hi Greybadger,

    After being in hospital for my de-baulking I had Clexane to prevent DVT. I had to have a course of it and had to keep it up for x days after I came home. I hated self injecting. I wanted to have a party when I did not have to do it any more --- I know now why I never became a nurse!

    Have a wonderful time on the cruise in a couple weeks, and good luck with the brainstorming over whether to LA or not.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hello Greybadger

    I know just how you feel. This time last year we should have been in Australia for a grandson's wedding. I was three months into remission and felt fine except from being more tired than usual. The oncologist persuaded us to give up the plans, even if we went business class. Her arguments were that

    a) i was more vunerable to infections (but the Aus health system was good

    b)the flight would be tiring and stressful for my battered body which i would have to face again on the way home. The result could be feeling wiped out for weeks we we got back and a lot more vunerable

    c) etc

    d) etc.

    In the end we didn't go which was very dissappointing but the family in Aus decided to come over here at Easter so we could see them all. A great solution - even though it broke a few banks.

    I hope that you can find a compromise which protects your health but also gives you the joy that a grandchild can bring.

    Love Angela

  • Badger, if you're not allowed to fly, how about taking a boat to NY and then Amtrak? Apparently Amtrak across the US is a terrific experience. Mind you, if it's infection your onc is concerned about, I think trains have a similar risk to planes.

  • Hadn't thought about Amtrak across USA - different. Take some time doing both ways though........

    Doing a cruise for Christmas and New year, so used to ships. roll on two weeks time.

  • Forgot to mention Greybadger you must get some proper DVT sexy pop socks from your pharmacist if your Onc. is worried about DVT. Don't get the cheapie ones, they have to be of a size to fit you, not the cheap ones Boots or Scholl sell. I also have to wear those for flying. It is a hoot struggling to get them on in the middle of a crowed airport and they are so uncomfortable.

    Envy you your cruise. Now my chemo has changed it is going to be a long time before we can contemplate another cruise.

    Anna xx

  • We want pictures with face mask and DVT sox on! It sounds like the new look for 2012...


    Love Lizzie


  • Lizzie I don't know what is the least sexiest. The face masks put the fear of god in the poor kids on the flight lol.

    No chemo today my blood count, both red and white cells were too low. Back again on the 21st when hopefully all will be OK. YIPPEE I will hopefully feel normal enough to do some Xmas shopping !!

    Love Anna xx

  • Query....did the kids you scared behave better? Or were they still swinging from the seat backs? Whenever I fly I think of Arnold Schwartzniger ( however you spell his name) in kindergarten cop, and wish we could do the pencil breaking thing!

  • Chris, the kids just stare at you as if you are some creature from outer space lol. I don't care I am used to it now. The only problem is trying to eat and drink whilst wearing a mask and pushing the food up underneath - we have some laughs.

    Anna xx

  • The answer to my question was 'NO WAY'. My Gp is adamant that my body won't take the long flight whatever we do to it. I'll have to wait until August for my cuddle!

    Thanks for all your help and advice.


  • Well it may not be the one you wanted in the way you wanted...but here is a virtual cuddle from me {{{{{{Viv}}}}}} in the mean time.

    I need it too. My surgeon was very downbeat yesterday about me being resistant to platinum on first line chemo. I was already down enough for both of us!

    Love Lizzie


  • Thanks for hte cuddle. I'll get a few this weekend as I'm visiting the English grandchildren with christmas presents.

    There are plenty of drugs with platinum out there, Caelyx and Topetecan are both OC recommended drugs I've had, now on a combination of two that re used for other cancers, (treosulphur and gemcitobin) that actually seem to have done the job for now. Fingers crossed.

    Good luck, and enjoy the NOW, let the future take care of itself.

    Love n hugs


  • Viv so sorry you got that answer, but we have to go with our Onc. they know what is best and also dangerous for us.

    I take it you have family and a grandchild over there by your comment - can they not visit you ?

    My daughter has been amazing since our only grandchild was born in Jan 2010. Nell was over here at the tender age of 2 months and is already a seasoned traveller to Spain. How it lifts my spirits to see them.

    Don't think youngsters can't fly, they cope with it better than us. Our kids have done long haul flights since the age of about 3 and always arrived the other end full of life and energy, whereas Mum and Dad would be heavily jet lagged lol

    Anna xx

  • Trouble is Anna, there are now two grandchildren over there. Big brother is 8 and the holidays are a nightmare, and paying for 4 seats is expensive. They have a family wedding to go to in August, so will try and put the holiday off until then.... when the first one was little they did come over regularly, he doesn't like going home! It's a shame the little one won't have the same opportunities.

    Love n hugs


  • First I am sorry you are not able to travel. However, I agree with those above when they say you have to listen to your oncologist, as there are so many factors to take into consideration when travelling and your team will know whats best for you and your body.

    To rub salt in your wound, I am just back from a trip to the far East during a break in treatment, but my last lot of chemo finished on the 26 Oct and my blood count was fine so for me, the onc thought it would be more beneficial than not, I do have relatives over there who are doctors so this may well have been the reason he was swayed in my favour!! Even so, between you and me, it was an exhausting trip! Anyway, this info is not helping you is it! But there will be a time when your onc will say 'go ahead' and then you will be able to enjoy the trip and importantly, your family wont have to worry that your doing something you have been advised against.

    So enjoy your grandchildren over here and Skye those in LA! But most of all... you have a wonderful trip in August to look forward to!!.

    big Hug


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