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First Caelyx went smoothly

Hi everyone

I had my first dose of Caelyx yesterday and brilliantly, everything went smoothly! The only hitch was due to our local pharmacy being refurbished, the stuff had to be prepared in Worthing and sent across. Instead of an 11 o'clock start, it was 12:30. Not sure why, as I was told I was getting it yesterday instead of the usual Tuesday to ensure it would be ready on time.....go figure! Oh well, it gave us time to go to the hospital restaurant foe tea and donuts( won't harm). They did the stuff over 2 hours to make sure there wasn't any problems, but I guessed they weren't expecting it to be too bad as there wasn't any antihistamines in the pre chemo bundle. I think they were being super careful as I had problems with taxol(slowed down to 4 hours plus extra antihistamines after a reaction in the first ever dose which involved oxygen being given.....) I also had a reaction to carbo last year which was why they switched me to cistplatin! Although they warned me I could still get a reaction to Caelyx, it's a relief for number one to go ok. Lets hope it does a good job, and he decides to give me the 10 doses he plans on if the scan looks good, rather than the normal 6. Like I said before, I never thought I'd be pleased to get more chemo doses than normal!m

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Hi Chris

Glad to hear it all went smoothly and I hope the Caelyx is now busy doing its job!

Tea and a donut sounds very nice indeed...

All the best

Monique x


Hi, Chris.

I'm on the fifth round of caelyx and avastin and the results are being good. The pet scan I made after the third round showed the residual tumours are shrinking - and my OC is platinum resistant, so the first chemo did not worked. Hope your treatment continues without problems and you reach good results too.




Hi Chris,

Glad everything is going fine best wishes love x G x


Good start! All the best.


Eileen x


Hi Chris,

was interested in your post. I am due to start Caely possibly next month. The problem I have is that there is always a fuss to get the venflon in, I don't have prominent veins.

Hope the side effects are minemal, look forward to hearing how the rest of your treatment goes. Good luck

Chris xx


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