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New Date

I have received a date 22nd march for my gynae appointment, my first proper review. I feel quite nervous about it, particularly as I had seen GP with abdominal pain, which she thought was an infection, however the swab has come back as all clear. Not sure how to feel about this. She did say that my body has had a lot of recovery to go through and I can't think that just because my treatment is finished that I won't suffer any aches and pains, that it takes a while for the chemo to pass through the system.

I was sent for kidney function bloods and thyroid today as have itchy patches of skin like eczema, she said it acn be the chemo or the thyroid, as I was dehydrated she wants to discount that too.

So when I go to this appointment, what should I ask? I know I need to mention the pain if I still have it, or should I anyway? Will I have a scan?

Been having nightmares for the last week about all sorts, last night I dreamt about screaming babies!!!


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Poor you, LA.

I hope the dreams stop soon. You have been having a rough time lately though, and I guess the dreams are all mixed in with what your mind has been going through. I would ask about the aches and pains you've been having, the likely length of time the chemo will take to pass through your system, what sort of signs and symptoms you need to be concerned about in the future, what sort of eating and exercise regime will help to support your recovery. I never had anything other than an external examination of my tummy (prodding and feeling for lumps) and a quick internal exam. These were sometimes done by the surgeon, the oncologist or the specialist nurse. I didn't have any scans.

I think we all get ourselves into a bit of a state before our check-ups, imagining the worst. However, it's often a case of getting into a state for nothing....all that energy we put into worrying :-o

Make sure you drink plenty of water if you've been dehydrated, I apologise if I'm stating the bleedin' obvs!

Try to keep occupied before the 22nd and expect a good outcome, if you can. It's so much easier on your system than all that angst :-/

Love Wendy xx


Hi Lily-Anne,

Sounds as though your GP as got it sussed sending off tests etc, with what you've already been through you are bound to feel apprehensive, you've got over the initial diagnosis, then a sense of shock sets in, and everyone around you probably think that you should feel on top of the world now, (but we know that this isn't the case) it will take a long time for normality to set in (if it ever does) love and best wishes x G x :-)


According to women who have been thru treatment, it takes something like 18 months to 2 years to recover fully. Usually the worst effects of chemo are over within 3 - 6 months, but it takes a lot longer than that for the extensive abdominal surgery to heal. I still have twinges after 3 and a half years. There is a knot of scar tissue at the top of the incision site that always stings if I bend over too far.

I don't want to depress you, but it takes time. As the months pass, you will feel better. But be kind to yourself and be gentle. Celebrate what you can do, not what you can't. A gentle walk is great exercise and at this time of year you can see the early signs of spring.

It is possibly worth checking for an UTI because that can cause pain and it seems anecdotally many women have them after surgery.

As for the dreams, I wonder, is this a stress reaction? Often the end of treatment is more stressful than going through it. The support system that goes with chemo isn't there any more, and at first it seems as if there is nothing you can do to help yourself.

Just take it a day at a time, do what feels right for you. There is a wealth of experience here that I hope will help.



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