My Ovacome

Can I please hear from grade 3 survivors? I was Grade 2 at initial diagnosis but restaged to grade 3

at histology because of microscopic cell spread in pelvis. Debulking was planned but at operation no visible disease was seen (great news) but histology of the washings showed there were still "a few" remaining cancer cells. I have had 3 cycles of Carbo/Taxol and 1 of Carbo alone prior to operation and then 2 final courses of Carbo after operation to hopefully blitz the remaining cells. (I had my ovaries removed prior to this due to multiple cysts which turned out to be ovarian cancer.)

My oncologist said the positives are no visible disease, very small volume remaining cells ( before final chemo) and a normal CA125. This was 30 before ovaries removed and has gone down progressively to 18, 16, 10 and has settled now at 8.

She has, however, told me that it could come back but of course it can't be predicted as to when or if at all, which means that I can't draw a line under this whole awful year I have had. I am being as positive as I can but need some kind of reassurance that there is a chance for me.

Thanks for listening and would love to hear from you ladies. This site has been a godsend to me this year and I am very grateful . Thank you all for your inspirational comments.


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Dear Barbara,

I was given a hysterectomy and debulking in January 2009, then 6 cycles of carboplatin. I was assessed as 3c. My ca125 went down to 5or 6, and stays there 2yrs 4 mths after finishing treatment.

Let's both stay in full remission, and live long healthy cancer-free lives!


Best wishes,



Hallo Barbara

I was diagnosed stage 3C in 2005, had 6 cycles carbo/taxol, had a hysterectomy, 2 more carbo/taxols to whack any remaining cells on the head and was then clear of cancer for 3.5 years. The cancer recurred in my upper abdomen and again was treated successfully with Carbo/taxol. Two years later the bugger crept back in 3 lymph nodes in my upper abdomen. This time I had just Carboplatin (no hair loss - bonus!) and once again am in 'remission'.

I have every intention of sticking around for a long while to come -not least my daughter's wedding in 2013 to plan and look forward to and then I hope another grandchild or two! No flipping cancer is going to finish me off, thanks all the same, I'm far too busy.....

It sounds as if your chemo did a good job so do try to draw a line under your horrible year. I tend to think there can be far too much emphasis put on this 'you must be positive' mantra, to the extent that you can sometimes feel as if you're asking for trouble when you inevitably have dark feelings. Sometimes allowing yourself to have negative thoughts is a positive thing in itself, so DONT worry if you cant always be a cheerful charlie.

The very best of luck



I was in a similar position to you - I later found out there was microscopic disease in the imentum and two lymph nodes which pushed me up to 3c. I did despair for a short while, then I got on with it. I've been disease free now for two years. I tell myself it helps that the disease I had was very small - but whether this makes a difference or not I don't know.

Stay strong and believe in yourself. Every year as treatments get better more and more of us survive.


Dear Barbara

I'm so sorry you've had such a bad year. Hopefully now you can look back on it all and you should be very pleased with the results so far. Nobody can predict how the disease will progress. I'm not so lucky to hope the cancer won't return as I have a particularly aggressive form. I'm not letting that get me down and spoil what years I have ahead of me.

On reflection our life expectation is no different to the time before Ovarian Cancer was diagnosed. None of us know what is round the corner.

I do hope you are encouraged by the support of all your friends on this site. Take heart.

Loads of love Annie


HI I was diagnose3d at stage 3c in 2002 and I am still going strong!!! i have had a few treatments but have always remained positive, and that goes a long way. A close friend of mine was diagnosed to live 12 months, she has this year celebrated 10years of living with ovarian ca.!!! positivity goes a very long way.

Let us all know how you get on. Love Sandra x x x


Hi Barbara, I too am a "3Cer" diagnosed in March 2010. I had to have surgery twice because at the first laparotomy my bowel was extensively spotted with the disease and they just removed my omentum. I then had 4 chemo, surgery again, and 4 more chemo. In November 2011 I had my 12 month post- chemo check up and CA125 is nice and low, like yours. We can never fully draw a line, but we can move on and feel fit and healthy and enjoy life. Wishing you a happy, healthy 2012.


Thank you to all you ladies who replied - I have found your comments very uplifting and and I am given hope by what you say. Thank you so much for replying and here's wishing us all the very best for a long and healthy life.


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