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Well I think the menopause has well and truly kicked in as I've deloped insomnia which I've been told is a symptom of the menopause. I keep waking up at about 1.00 in the morning for an hour or so and then again at 4.30 and I can't get back too sleep. Any ideas anyone because I really don't want to resort to sleeping pills. I felt like a zombie when I got up this morning which really isn't the best start to the week. Kind Regards Kerry xx

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Hi Kerry, I cant offfer you any advice really, except to say I have been doing it for years, I wake every hour or so to go to the loo, if I can get straight back off Im ok but if I start to think thats the end of sleep for ages. Had a funny one last week woke at 4.15am didnt want the loo just a cup of tea and two shortbread biscuits, there then proceeded a full scale row between sensible self and other self, coz I know I only have to do it once and then hey I will be doing it everynight and I will be as fat as mud. I havent even got to the menopause yet god help me when I do. Sorry its of no help but will say hello at one and four love Karen xx


Hi Karen. Only two shortbread biscuits, I admire your willpower. I would have had more but the cold weather is keeping me firmly tucked up in my bed. I need to get this insomnia well and truly kicked in the butt before it starts to get warmer otherwise I can see me having midnight trips to the fridge and putting on all the weight that I lost after my surgery. I quite like being a size 10 (for the first time in my life). I wouldn't mind if I was inactive but I'm a real busy bee and am on the go running about after the kids and waking to and from work (a brisk twenty five min walk each way) every day. I'll be sure to say hello at one and four lol. Love Kerry xx


Hi kerry. Ive been having trouble getting to sleep since my op.I can be awake still at 4 in the morning. Once im asleep cant wake up and can sleep for 12 hours easily. I wonder if its menopausal as im having hot flushes too.I have started taking Menopace and im getting to sleep a little earlier. Its such a NIGHTMARE!!!

louise. Xx


Food is the answer for me. I go down to the kitchen, make myself a little square of toast and Marmite and a cup of tea. That makes my body think it's morning and it wants to go straight back to sleep.

My advice isn't working tonight. Sleepless at 1:16 in the morning!

Answers and advice on this problem would be most welcome.

love Annie x


Hi Annie, Last I night I dosed myself up on phenergen which always makes me sleep and slept though till 4.10 when I woke up having a night sweat, followed by another one. I then got really cold and shivered until I finally crawled out of bed at 6.45. Thess dark rings under the eyes is not a good look lol. I'm going to email the oncology nurse for some advice and I'll come back to you. Love Kerry x


Dear Kerry - those night sweats and then getting freezing cold because you've thrown off the covers are an absolute nightmare and guaranteed to disrupt a good night's sleep.

I found it was just a phase. I don't get night sweats any more and have probably been free of those problems for about a year. Think it took about a year after the surgery for my body to adjust.

Seems like it will never stop doesn't it. I hope you get the problem sorted very quickly.

love Annie xxx


I had same problem waking every two hours. Thought it was chemo but did not stop after chemo. I tried all sorts including sleeping tablets nothing worked! Sorry about a year on now down to waking twice a night and feeling more alive.



I have the same problem. I usually keep my I Pad near my bed so I just browse the internet until I feel myself dropping off again.


Hi Annie, I hope it is just a phase, hot one minute and cold the next. The kids think it's hilarious the way I keep stripping off and fanning myself. Not sure hubby is so impressed when I throw the quilt off though, bless him. I can't blame chemo Sharon beause I haven't had any. Willow, you sound just like me, and yes this menopausal lark is a total nightmare.I've put my ipod next to the bed Osborne so when I wak up tonight I will listen to some music. I listened to a lot of music when I was in hospital and found it very theraputic.

Well that's me done for the day ladies. It's been a busy day, I've walked 4 miles to and from work, put the shopping away that the lovely man from Asda delivered, cooked the tea and done battle with my 14 year old who has turned into the teenager from hell today so I think I deserve a glass of wine. Hopefully that might knock me out for the night lol. Love Kerry xx


Hi I am seeing a Dr at my hospital for depression and she gave me a few tips

for sleepless nights.

Imagine yourself lying on a beautiful sunny sky and all you can

hear is the relaxing sound of the sea in the distance.

If this hasn't done the trick after half an hour then you should get up and go to

another room and either read or watch tv with a warm drink until you feel tired

and then return to bed.

If you start worrying about things keep a pad by your bed and write your worries on

the note pad and then tear the paper off and put it in your bedside drawer.

In the morning you can then look at what you have written and see how you can

sort the problems out, or maybe the next day the worries are nothing at all.

Up to now I have only had to 'lie on the beach' but I still wake up around 3am to

go to the loo...then i'm back on the beach and thankfully back to sleep.

I never thought this would work and the first time I tried it it didn't ...silly me I had

forgotten to imagine the sound of the sea...once I put that right... off I dropped.

This works for me and I do hope it is some help to all you sleepless restless


Lots of Love

Angie xx


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