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Bowel Problems

Hello ladies, Its been eight weeks since my surgery and I have recovered very well and am due to go back to work on Monday. When I had my surgery for a borderline tumour I had a full hysterectomy, and two sections of bowel removed. My bowels have settled down pretty well considering and appeared to be working normally. However the last couple of days my bowels have been very loose and I have the most awful smelling wind. Sorry to be so graphic, but I was wondering if this is normal ?

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Yes! In particular the wind, as my husband can vouch for! Keep an eye on things, if you have diarrhoea then talk to your doctor. Most of us have constipation, but I found every so often during treatment I would have a few hours when I didn't go far from the bathroom! It usually settled very quickly so it wasn't a worry! I will give the usual advice.....if you are worried talk to either your nurse specialist or your GP!

Hope it settles quickly

Love Chris


Maybe you have had one to many Brussle Sprouts. I have been enjoying them for the past couple of months and they do help with the constipation but our house does get a bit windy in the evenings. Lucky for my husband he does night work so only has to put up with it two nights a week.

I am 3 months post op and it does take a while for the bowels to settle I was on tablets for constipation for about 8 weeks, I am fine now but I eat a very high fiba diet.

Love Babs x x


Hi there

Bowels take ages to settle down even when they have not operated on and you have had a huge surgery. If this is not settling down speak to somebody about it , definitely if you are doing a phased return to work and if it still a problem. I went back when I was still in pain , making it worse.

It is fantastic that you are feeling so well , I am sure your family are really proud of you. Spring will be here soon and you can start to make plans for holidays etc.


Charlie xxxx


Thanks everyone. Bowels seem to have settled down again today. I'm pretty sure it's down to certain foods that I'm eating so I'm trying to eliminate the ones I think are causing the problems, and I'm certainly less windy:) I'm back at work but only doing 4 hours a day which is enough at the moment. Can't believe how tired I get. xx


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