Anyone help pls re chemo? Had 1st carbo platin/taxtol 8 days ago. 1st 2 days felt ok but then went increasingly downhill with pain in

Abdomen and feeling unwell. After several calls to hospital over days and much suffering diagnosed eventually with infection and now on 3rd day antibiotics. Slight improvement but appear to have plateaued and continue to have really sore painful abdomen, pain in kidney, no energy at all despite eating and drinking often. Can't even concentrate to read a book or watch tv. Seeing oncologist next mon but can't believe I feel this bad with no sign of feeling better. Feeling really down now. Sorry to moan but has anyone else had this experience? Chrissy

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  • I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly Chrissy. Let's hope once the anti-biotics clear up the infection you'll get better. It will take longer than usual as your immune system will be challenged and the white blood cells which counteract infection have taken a bashing. Let's hope once the bloods are restored after mid-cycle on Day 14 that you'll really pick up and start to feel better.

    I'm sending a big cyber hug to you, and tea and sympathy.

    Love Annie xxx

  • Many thanks for your reply. I was worried that 3 after on days anti biot I would be seeing some slight improvement instead of sitting here feeling all shaky and not progressing any. Think i am perhaps being impatient. Can only manage walking to the bathroom and back then worn out. Its been a very long week. Wondered whether I was able to tolerate the type of chemo but I suppose I will get some answers when I see onc on Monday. Tanks for the hugs xxx

  • You'll be fine with the chemotherapy. The nuclear test on your kidneys that you have a week before starting tests how well your body can process it and they give you the biggest dose you can take to give you the best chance.

    Take time .... It's a combination of things. Rest up and hopefully find things to amuse yourself whilst you're feeling tired. It will pass I'm sure. xxxx love Annie

  • Thanks annie - I feel as if I've turned a much needed corner today and beginning to feel something like a human being. Thanks for your comments. Ps. I think we share the same birthday I was 56 on 3 rd jan. goats and mountain climbing???!!!!! Xxx

  • Fellow nimble goat, hard-worker, and ambitious Capricornian - I don't think you're going to give up the fight to get over this little blip. We do indeed share the same birthday. I had a birthday card listing some of the notable events of 1953. I was a Coronation Baby - the last year of the Baby Boom and in the year of my birth rationing ceased.

    We were born in the years of unparalleled social mobility. I think in 1957 Sputnik 1 was launched heralding a new era of space exploration and the Cavern Club opened which led to the greatest pop legend of all.

    I don't think either of us will be giving up the fight to beat this disease!

    xxxx loads of love Annie

  • Chrissie, I seem to recall hearing, years ago, that all of us to some extent must help ourselves. I decided, when going through chemotherapy that I must help myself, give myself a chance. My self-devised plan was to take time off during the whole course of six sessions at three weekly intervals and not expect to carry on as normal and trek in the Andes etc. Each day I tried to use my brain (crossword, write a letter etc), took a short walk, did a little housework (as much as I could manage), tried to eat sensibly and kept away from crowded places to avoid catching any viruses in circulation. Most of the time I lacked energy and had the most severe constipation, all noted by my consultant. This was 18 years ago. My thoughts are with you, love Valerie, x

  • thanks for your comments olive. just been to see the oncologist today. hes going to change the anti sickness tablets as they apparently can cause havoc with the bowels and he will also see me 5 days after next chemo. have caught a cold now!! xxxxxxxx

  • Chrissie, it was the compulsory steroids that caused the constipation and sent me really over the top. I became very bad tempered which we can laugh at now but at the time was very puzzling. It must be difficult for consultants to get it right for each patient and they welcome details of how we are affected in order to make the necessary adjustments. I am not sure how I became Olive as that formed a part of my password! Try to keep 'up', I think it really helps and don't worry if you feel tired and lacking in energy. You soon pick up. Keep warm and take care on slippery pavements. Love Valerie, x

  • Big sympathy from me too Chrissy. I had a stomach bug like nothing on earth with lots of pain half way through my first chemo run. This stuff hits you like a ton of bricks when you are drained by chemo - and is totally normal. Hopefully those antibiotics will do the job quickly. Meanwhile take care of yourself. Is there anyone who can cosset you a bit, a friend or relative? You need a bit if TLC during this.

    The concentration thing also totally normal, by the way! No book, film or puzzle could keep my attention for more than a few minutes when I started chemo, but the later cycles it didn't seem so bad! No idea why.

    You are on your way to tackling this now, don't lose heart.


    Sue xxx

  • Tanks xx. I am fortunate I have good family and close friends who are rooting for me.


  • Dear Chrissy

    I can only echo what Annie and Sue have said, they have had experience of how horrible you're feeling right now. All I wanted to say was hang on in there and you will feel better soon, once the antibiotics start doing their job. Sending a big hug to you. You will be on the up again soon, I am sure

    Love Wendy xx

  • Xxxxxx

  • Hi Chrissy

    So sorry to hear you feel so poorly after your first chemo followed by infection. Just hope the antibiotics work soon.

    Chemo affects everyone differently and some sail through. I like you felt quite unwell, and felt like I had pains everywhere, couldn't read anything and just watched really bland tv that I didn't have to think about. It always used to hit me on the 3rd day after and by the week before I started it all again I felt better. I found it extremely hard to concentrate and couldn't even drive, felt I'd be a danger. My appetite was always fine, and the good news was as soon as I'd had my op and finished the chemo I felt well really quickly.

    Feel free to moan, don't bottle it up, we are all hear to listen to you.

    It's a horrible time, but we all get through it. I shall be starting again soon!

    Hope all goes well on Monday, and don't forget to write down anything you need to ask or are worried about.

    Love Linda xx

  • Tanks so much for taking the time to reply.xxxxx

  • Hi Chrissy, sorry your feeling poorly. Hope the antibx have kicked in by now.

    I had what I can only describe as severe period pains after 1st carbo/taxol. It didn't happen again thank goodness.

    I used to have chemo Friday and it kicked in by Sun afternoon, listless, aching. no appetite that lasted till the following Sat when I started to pick up again.

    I used to go to supermarket on Sat and get everything else that needed done then as the following week I had no energy for anything.

    Hope you don't have too many side effects

    love Chris xx

  • Hi Chrissy

    Hope you'll soon be over the infection and feeling better soon.

    The aftermath of my first chemo was the worst. Was ok for 2 days then felt bad for the next 5. Not so bad though very weak for the next 5, then feeling more like myself until it was time for the next one. It was partly due to nausea which improved for subsequent cycles with stronger mediciation. After that, I would feel ok for one day, rough for the next 3 or 4, then would start to go back to normal again. When I felt rough, couldn't really do anything but couldn't sleep. Was given injections to help with the whiite blood cell count. The last three sessions took place on Mondays and the chemo would start to kick in on Tuesday night. On Saturday morning I would wake up, feeling weak but on the mend. I just had to hold on to that thought for the few days beforehand.

    As Linda says, it does affect everyone differently. Sending you my best wishes

    Love Mary xxx

  • Thanks for that I'm beginning to get an understanding now. Xxxxx

  • Hi Chrissy,

    Sorry you're feeling so bad, I had number 4 of 6 chemos on 28th Dec and I do get abdominal pains around a week after chemo, and for some reason this was worse after chemo number 1. I have mentioned this to my onc who didn't seem too concerned and prescribed ibuprofen which works for me.

    I hope you start feeling better soon, hopefully you only feel so bad because of the infection and the next chemos will be better.

    Love Brenda xx

  • Thanks for that. I think the infection has certainly been significant and I have always been prone to water infections anyway. I am feeling a bit better today so feel I may have turned a well needed corner. To care xxxxxx

  • Hi, it's eight days since my chemo and I still don't feel well, carbo only though, Tuesday probably my worst day, I don't have an infection but do have tummy pain, which I've been told is due to the fastest growing cells being the digestive system, so they are going to take the hardest hit.

    I felt well enough to cook dinner yesterday but could hardly drag myself out of bed at 10am this morning, but no choice, expecting two deliveries. Chemo advice line told me the first session can be the worse, so hopefully the next one on 24th won't be as bad after, if it is I'm going to struggle in Feb, as it is am missing my daughter's parents evening and she is giving me a hard time over it, I feel terrible that I've let her down.

    I haven't been able to read my Kindle and my hubby said Happy Easter to me yesterday because I've been so forgetful ... So although you have the added distress of an infection, in my experience so far it's par for the course to feel weird most of the time. Maybe we will find the next one much better.

    Wishing you well

    LA xx

  • Thanks lily Anne for sharing your experience. My next one will be on 23rd - hope it gets better for both of us. I'll be thinking about you. It must be awful feeling you are letting your daughter down and I can empathise with that. I am fortunate that mine are now adults so don't need me as much in the same way. Best of luck to you. Xxxxxx

  • Hi Lily-Anne

    I don't think you are letting your daughter down. She is a similar age to my daughter when I was diagnosed in 2011, so she should be able to understand. My daughter has been fantastic, she fully understood the reasons why I couldn't go into crowded areas, which a parents evening would be, and has not expected me to go to the concerts she has been in just before Christmas. Don't blame yourself that you can't go, it is better to mis his than risk an infection.

    Love Chris

  • Thanks Chris, I think you must have had a better teen than me, she is lovely and understanding one minute and hates me the next, I missed last years parents evening and her Dad went, I wanted to put her on the spot and say, what's the alternative, but it felt like emotional blackmail so I said I'm sorry you feel that way. My son, brilliant, he's been ill so won't come this weekend as planned. I am however going to have to bite the bullet this weekend and go out before I go stir crazy, just wish I wasn't dizzy still.

    Good luck on 23rd Chrissy88, I'd be very interested to see how you get on.

    LA xx

  • I too had severe joint pain every time I had chemo.. carboplatin/taxol My joints would be so sore that after the first chemo a doctor came out from the Royal South Hants hospital and gave me some morphine. Unfortuneately I was allergic to this so just took Ibruprofen and paracetomaol 2 hourly. I would be quite ill for 8 days and then pick up and have a couple of good weeks untill my next chemo. This became my pattern. I had my last chemo in June but my joints are still very sore, in fact it made the Arthritus worse. Good luck with this. Carolx

  • Tanks for your reply xxxxxx

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