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Driving myself crazy!!

Hi, for the last 8mnths I've been having vague symptoms such as pains in my lower abdomen, swollen abdomen and constipation, at 1st my doctor put it down to depression as I had suffered a while ago I just pretended the signs weren't there, then slowly the symptoms have got worse I was sent for an ultrasound and I had a small cyst on my left ovary, I went back 6 weeks later and the cyst had grown to 7cm which I don't think is too big (didn't even know they existed till now) I'm on wait and watch again and have a scan on Monday, what exactly are they waiting for?? My CA125 is slightly raised at 62 and my symptoms at the min are... looking like someone has shoved a water melon up my shirt, pains in my legs along with swelling, abdomen pain, extreme fatigue and the need to pee like a race horse... A really confused racehorse!!! Should I be worried?? If it was something worrying surely things would be going a lot quicker??? I can't keep living like this I can't even make it up the stairs most days any advice???

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Dear Amanda

I am sorry to hear of all the problems you are experiencing. If you are able to please give us a ring at Ovacome so that we can talk things trhough - I am here until 5pm. 08453710554 / 02072996650.

How old are you? They will be doing investigations to exclude ovarian cancer but given that your Ca125 is raised I think you should push for an urgent referral to avoid all this waiting and wondering - again do give us a ring if you are able. This is not to cause you concern and your symptoms may be a wide variety of things but you need some answers

Best Wishes



Hi Amanda. Do give Ruth a ring if you can, as the helpline is closed from 5 today till after the weekend. It may also help you to look at the BEATonline symptom tracker. You can use this to record your symptoms and print them off to take to the GP. I agree with Ruth, you really need answers as son as possible. I can understand how much worry you are going through. It's the waiting that's the worst part.

All the best,

Love Wendy xx


Hi Amanda

as per above please give Ruth a call . However due to the issues you have been having i would see your gp again asap and if they have not done so would ask for a referral to see a consultant gynaecologist and not take no for an answer . Hope all turns out ok . CA125 can be raised without it being ovc



Hi Amanda,

I agree with everyone else here and I am not surprised you are worried - ovarian cyst`s that are not cancerous can cause alsorts of horrible symptoms like yours, I know so many ladies who have had them including my sister-in-law. Once they were removed she was instantly well again however, some ladies tend to be prone to them and they can suffer quite a lot with them too. Who`d be a women eh? we seem to have so much womanly things to put up with one way or another, don`t we just?

I hope you was able to talk to Ruth earlier - Because you need to have your mind rested a little before the weekend, we can drive ourself nuts with worry I do it all the time and this is perfectly normal. I hope the scan you have on Monday gives you the answers that you are looking for. Although it can take up to a week before you are actually told anything, even in the most urgent of cases. However, if it is urgent then you will be admitted as such.

When I had my ultra sound scan I was immediately sent for CT scan within the hour, they could tell right away it was cancer, but I wasn`t told until a week and one day later.

Don`t be surprised if you have to have a laporoscopy done, this is by key hole surgary, a camera is inserted into your belly and from there they can see exactly what is going on.

Sometimes Scans reveal things that are not so bad, in my case the spread of the cancer was not as bad as they first expected. they need to know exactly what they are dealing with and this is why they do the laporoscopy.

A result of 62 on your CA125 is a bit high as 35 or below is within normal range however, even thrush can make the protein levels in our blood rise as so can chest infections so try not to worry too much. Some ladies with cancer have a result in the thousands when diagnosed with OV C. I hope this makes you feel a little bit more at ease.

A CA 125 blood test measures protein in the blood, OV cancers tend to rise the protein levels for some reason but it cannot be used as a form of diagnosis only used as a marker and it isn`t affective in all ladies with OV C. So try not to worry to much about that right now.

I am disgusted with your GP for putting your symptoms down to depression. These are clearly NOT the symptoms of depression and you can not imagine them either.

Please insist something is done for you, this may not be as serious as you think but you can`t go on like this sweetheart.

Do let us know how you get on, on monday - wishing you luck because we care.

love Tina x


Hi Amanda

I had very similar symptoms to what you're describing. In the end I presented myself at a&e and I was admitted. I had my op 4 days later. Sometimes you need to admit that enough is enough, and you need it sorting out.



Hi Amanda, Sorry to hear you are so stressed out about all this, but I can see why, please don't wait any longer and give Ruth a call or request a referral to a specialist from your Dr, It is not good to be kept in the dark for so long, I had my blood test on a Tuesday where my ca 125 was elevated, a scan on Thursday and told I had OC referred to my oncologist the following Tuesday and admitted on the Friday for Operation.I did have a 7cm mass in my right ovary but it was benign, I did not have time to think about anything too much as it all happened so fast, what I am saying is that you may not have anything to worry about at all but you need confirmation for your own peace of mind, some Drs just need a push to get things going, Wishing you all the best for Monday and hang in there, love Jorja x


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