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5 Years Coming Up This Year

Hi all,,,

I am not a regular contributor but a daily reader.. my emails go through to my phone and first thing in a morning I sit in bed and read everything new and send out good wishes to you all...

I was Stage 1 and Stage 3.. the first one 'proper' oc and the second borderline. It seems hard to believe that in February I will be 5 years down my journey. I will not pre-empt the outcome of my hospital check as I don't do that anymore.. just take each one in turn and deal with the outcome.. so far so good with a good few scares along the way. Not sure of my date at the hospital as I have a ritual .. I found knowing the date made me fixated so now when I get the letter just after the last appointment I just 'lose' the letter and then round about the time when I know I am due to go, I hunt and find it. Silly I know but one of my coping mechanisms.

Best wishes to all you lovely ladies...


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Dear Gilly

Thanks for posting up. It's good to get to know more members. I'm always a bit freaked out looking at the long list and wondering whether they're just shadows who are no longer there - or real women out there somewhere.

This site is great isn't it. Such a wonderful resource for us - whether it's just to chat, ask questions have a cry or have a laugh. I look forward to leisurely mornings and looking on the site.

You must've been unlucky to have two types of Ovarian Cancer but you've done so well. The hide and seek idea is rather good. I have an appointment looming and might do the same. The letter is lying by my bedside and I agree with you it is rather menacing there.

Good luck with your next appointment. Keep posting when you feel like it.

love Annie xx


Hi Gilly,

Well, firstly enormous congratulations! Such a lovely thing to hear - I`m sure this offers a lot of hope to not only myself but others too. Thank you for sharing this positive news, thank you.

As time passes so very quickly, I worry kind of more - because - I am kind of expecting it to return any time soon. Your results has given me great hope that sometimes we do make it 5 years and beyond.

My oncologist told me that after 5 years they discharge us, not sure if that`s good news or not really but there we go. I think If I make it that far, I might ask if I continue with follow up appointments even if it means taking the private route.

I kind of do the same with my appointments too, then I can never find the appointment card and go into one mad panic LOL!

I tend to start feeling anxious when I am getting close to my next appointment - with no propbolmatic symptoms it`s silly I know. But I think we all do that.

I wish you all the very best for the future Gilly, I feel more positive after reading your news - wonderful!

Love and God Bless from Tina xxx


Hi Gilly

Thank you for posting this, it gives us newly diagnosed ladies so much to hope to hear stories like yours,

Good luck and best wishes

Brenda xx


Hi Gilly!

5 years is indeed a milestone. Well done :-) I am so glad you got in touch. It's really great to be able to share experiences with each other and it may help someone else to read your strategy for keeping calm before an appointment. I always convinced myself it had come back in the two or three nights before my check up. I think lots of us do!

However, I felt quite cast adrift when I got to the 5 year mark. I almost felt as if they'd abandoned me! I asked the specialist nurse if I could pay for a Yearly CA125, just in case........ She was so reassuring and said they'd give me a blood test form with pleasure, (no costs) I could use it when I wanted, then phone her or see her for the results. I was also reassured that if anything at all gave me cause for concern I could bypass the GP system and get in touch with her. I had a yearly CA125 for two years, then decided I'd know if anything was going a bit weird again. I did have a query about some strange sensations in my bladder and was referred immediately for a cystoscopy and CAT scan. They were really quick, and there was no cause for concern. It was all fine. I passed my 10 year anniversary in December and intend to keep on keeping on as long as poss.

Now you've 'met' some of us, I hope you'll keep in touch. All the very best with your coming appointment. Do let us know how it all goes.

Love Wendy xx


Hi everyone...

Thank you for your replies.. Don't get me wrong, when it gets nearer the time to my appointment I will be nervous and I have had lots of issues over the years.

It is interesting Wendy that you mention a bladder problem.. I started getting pains in my lower right stomach and eventually went to my GP... she suggested an infection being the cause and I thought she would be wrong because it didn't present like normal cystitis. After a dip test it turned out to be an infection and after a couple of days of antibiotics, the pain went. When it happened again I went straight back to as I knew what it was. The first time I had a CA125 blood test too and GP has told me I can ask for a test whenever I feel the need. I definitely don't panic as much now but I don't think I will ever completely not think every road leads back to oc. I would love one day where I do think about cancer.. maybe it will happen one day but probably not. I think part of my recovery is to learn that I can be happy despite what has happened to me..

And I am sort of dreading being discharged by the hospital.... but I will not get ahead of myself.. like I said, I don't pre-empt what will happen.. call it superstition.. call it coping.. if I fear the worst I do myself inner damage mentally and physically.. if I assume everything will be OK bad news would come as a shock. When my appointment comes I will get up as normal and see what happens.. that is all I can do.



Sorry should have said do 'not' think about .. (doh)


Hi Gilly

Thanks for posting this. I'm like you, a regular reader but don't post that often. I am just over 2 years into remission from stage 4 and enjoying life more than ever however, there is always that ugly spectre in the background of the 5 year survival rate. I know it's only statistics and they are out of date, but still............keeps popping into my head. Thankfully not often and when it does I can swat it away like a wasp.

Good wishes coming your way

Love Chris x x


Hu Gilly

Thanks for posting. I am just about to have my last chemo. Hearing your news certainly gives us hope. The future at this stage seems uncertain but your news really helps.

Thanks. best wishes



Well it turns out I took it right down to the wire this time... I thought I had better find my letter as I had it in my head it was early February my appointment.. turns out it is next Friday, 18th January! So less than a week to think about it.. Sod's law says my stomach is hurting again..... I always have to have an internal.. a necessary evil but not much fun.

I will let you all know how I get on.

Gilly x


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