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A 5 year survivor ……..

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I hope this post gives many starting out on this journey hope .

I was diagnosed with stage 3b PPC/ovarian cancer in may 2017. I have just had my 5 year check and my ca125 is holding at 13. I never ever dared dream I would be here 5 years later but I am and so far recurrence free.

Life hasn’t been easy and there have been many bumps along the way, mainly bowel issues, stoma, stoma reversal, and another op to relieve adhesions., plus my TAH but I’m still here and cancer clear. I couldn’t be more grateful to my amazing team at the Royal Surrey and East Surrey hospital. Every day is a bonus and I know how lucky I’ve been.

I hope there are many other good stories out there of people quietly getting on with life and that these stories will help those newly diagnosed. I read with interest the stories of others and have also cried many tears for those not so fortunate. This is such a lovely community one of which I am proud to be a member of.

I’ve added a picture which is of me and my best friend who is the most amazing nurse and companion anyone could ever wish for. She has managed to put a smile on my face on the darkest of days. Lots of love and best wishes to everyone x x z Diane

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That’s wonderful news Diane & what a lovely picture of you both ! My cat never left my side through chemo.they just seem to know when somethings wrong don’t they 😊Enjoy every moment 🤗Dee x

Hi Diane, you look great and I love your dog… mine is also black and a poodley cross. I am so pleased that you are doing so well and like you I wish that we could spread the good luck to everyone dealing with this wretched disease. Keep going, your success will inspire and reassure those at the beginning of their journey xx

Hi Diane, fabulous picture you both look so relaxed, good luck going forward and thank you for the uplifting post. Jo xx

So happy for you Diane , you look really well.Thanks for posting xx

That is such wonderful news Diane - you look so well with your gorgeous dog too - sending you both a big hug 🤗 xxx

Thank you so much for sharing this, so inspiring and your dog is super cute too ❤️

Hello Diane

It is lovely to read your post and your positive update, I’m very happy to know that you’ve reached 5 years and are happy and healthy. Your message will certainly give hope to newly diagnosed ladies, as I know they will be seeking out stories of hope like yours 💖

Your dog is gorgeous and looks a bit like a cockapoo? We have a labradoodle and he too was at my side through surgery and chemo 4 years ago, they really are our best friends aren’t they?!

I hope your remission lasts forever, keep smiling Diane and stay happy 😊

Liz Xx

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Thanks for your lovely message. My dog is a cockapoo, the sweetest little dog ever. My husband and son got her for me a year after my initial diagnosis. I was in a very sad place, in fact we all were, and she put a smile back onto our faces and brought laughter back into the house.

Hi,Such good news and I’m sure it will give many of us who are not far into our journey great hope for what lies ahead.

Wishing you all the best


Just got the chills. Keep it up 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

I am so pleased for you Diane. It's great news. I often think the ladies that survive leave the forum and get on with their lives so we don't always get to hear how many go on to long term survival. I like to see how everyone is doing even though a lot of it does over my head as things have changed since my diagnosis. I've been lucky enough to have survived nearly nine years now and like you intend to go on for many more.

I love the picture by the way. All the very best to you. Love Zena x

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Eriksendi in reply to ZenaJ

So pleased to hear of your story too. ❤️

fantastic news!!!! 💓 my lovely mum is coming up to three years very soon! xxxxx

Hi Claire xxxx

hi jane!!!! 💓💓💓💓 sorry i’ve been off for a while! how are you and ur mum?

Hi Claire. Mum and I went to Blackpool a few weeks ago then I stayed with her for a long Jubilee weekend. She's creaking a bit as getting old but absolutely amazing. She has her next four month check at end June. So fingers crossed. Big hugs to you and your mum. XXX

Wonderful news Diane. It's always fantastic to hear such wonderful success stories. Long may you remain cancer-free! xx

Such wonderful news and a lovely photo of you and your pooch. Thank you for all your posts and photographs, Diane. Sharing your story so generously encourages us all. Best wishes from New Orleans, Louisiana.


Wonderful news, so inspiring to hear of ladies doing so well xx

Such wonderful news x

Thank you so much for posting this, I am newly diagnosed and just had by first chemo on Monday. I read these forums with apprehension a lot of the time as I’m I’ve only just turned 34 in march and want to live a long life. It can be scary not to hear long term survivor stories so you have given me hope and a ray of light to suggest this can be over and I can be healthy and live a cancer free life again xx

Your dog is also super cute, I have a spaniel and he’s like my baby. He’s been the best companion after my op and while I’ve been off work xx

Fabulous news!

Hello Diane

That is amazing news. Long may your remission continue . What a great picture, you look fabulous. Your story is inspiring. On the 11 May 2022 was my first complete year in remission, it felt amazing. I can imagine you are feeling over the moon.

Best wishes

Nus x

Amazing news Diane. It is inspiring to hear of all our lovely friends doing so well, like others my English setter Phoebe is a constant in my life, she gives me unconditional love and company. Long may your good health continue. 💕

Thank you for posting your wonderful and brave story. Emma x

Fantastic news! Xx

Great news Diane so pleased for you. Enjoy every moment with your lovely dog xx

delighted to hear your great news Diane . we all hope to get to the 5 yr all clear. I have a very good chance I am told .. I am 9 weeks post op . sending love to you and your best friend. thankyou for sharing. xx

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Eriksendi in reply to meaty

Wishing you all the best ❤️❤️

Wonderful news. I’m at 3 years NED so more hope for 5 years x

Thank you for your lovely post and picture! I’m sure it will bring hope to many.

Congratulations. They say laughter is the best medicine, but I think its a dog !

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Me too ❤️

We have just got a shih poo puppy. It's early days getting to know our new addition. It certainly keeps us on our toes. Its been one heck of a journey since my diagnosis last August, affecting the whole family as it does. Now we have a different focus! X

Congratulations, Diane! Beautiful dog. I was diagnosed with stage Ic ovarian cancer, with a side of endometrial cancer stage Ia, in April 2006. I've been cancer free ever since completing chemo in November 2006.

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Eriksendi in reply to SopSinger

So pleased to hear that ❤️

Such a lovely photo! Thank you for posting your positive message. It’s comforting to read that you are 5 years down the line. I’m 3 years in and I have recurring problems but your story gives me hope. 😊

Such a wonderfully uplifting message. I hope you continue in good health with your wonderful companion. I wouldn’t be without my Weimaraner Sasha either. X

Congratulations on 5 years it has always seemed a big milestone to mePeople just being diagnosed. I was diagnosed in June 2018 so 4 years which seemed impossible when I started out. Well done

Hello Diane, Blessings to you!!!May God Bless you with many more healthy years. ❤️🦋

Thank you for sharing your story, it gives us all hope. Love and best wishes to you xxxx ♥

Congrats Diane. I’m hoping to say still here 15 years in October, lovely pic btw, you look so well and long may that continue x Kathy x

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Eriksendi in reply to Katmal-UK

Thank you Kathy. Wow 15 years that’s something I’m sure many of us will aspire to. Thank you so much for all your advice and posts - they are appreciated x.

Brilliant! Thank you for that positive post. Anne 🤗

Hi Diane! So pleased you are doing well. You look great and that's a beautiful doggie you have there!❤🐕

Hi Diane, thankyou for sharing your wonderful news. Love and best wishes from the U.S. Donna xx

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