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Hi everyone just an update on my condition I wrote last week and had really good support from this site. I got worse and by Monday the GP had me as an emergency into hospital. It was initially thought that I had a slipped disc but my MRI today has ruled this out. I have had loads of xrays and tomorrow I'm having a Bonescan. Also a chest CT not really sure why CT. He said nothing pressing but got sciatica and loss of sensation in thigh and weakness in right leg. Still on bedrest. I'll keep you all posted in the next couple of days. Any words of wisdom here gratefully accepted. Lucy1dog

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  • Did you have Paclitaxel? My oncologist tells me that was responsible for the neurological damage resulting in loss of feeling in feet and fingers.

  • This also happens with TAXOL as they had to reduce mine and went a lot better Marge xx

  • Just want to say hope all is well and you can get sorted out not nice being in hosp when you dont know whats wrong Good-Luck Marge xx

  • Just wanted to add my best wishes, hope that once they sort out what the problem is, you can get on with regaining some strength and some fun! Keep thinking of the good times that WILL be ahead. There are a lot of us with you

    Love, Wendy xx

  • Thinking of you Lucy. Hope all goes well and they get you sorted out!!

    Take care

    Eleni x

  • Hi Lucy1dog

    Just want to add my thoughts and prayers for you. Let's hope they get an explanation for you quickly- waiting is the worst part.

    All the very best


  • I'm so relieved to hear that the Drs are making an effort to find out what is causing your pain. Being in hospital isn't good but I'm sure it feels better than suffering at home without the necessary help. I'm sure you won't be in hospital for long and will go home with some peace of mind. Everyone here is behind you 100%. Worrying and praying for you.

    Love Sarah

  • Good Luck Lucy!

  • Hi all you lovely ladies I'm still in bed and awaiting chest CT Bonescan. Pain a little better and i have now starters to take the morphine regularly. I looked up my symptoms and found something called aortic lymph nodes which may mean the cancer has gone to the bone. I will just wait and c. Got a little fed u but back on track again now. Let me know if anyone knows about it. Lucy 1 dog. Xxxxx

  • Oh Lucy1dog,

    Those lymph nodes are tricky little beggers. I had my MRI scan today (CT scan showed nothing) and I am thinking the lymph nodes are the cause of my high CA125. Today was a good day to be in bed Lucy, the day was foul. It rained all day! Let us know if it is confirmed as per your self diagnosis.

    Love to you and your Westie.



  • Hi Lucy1dog

    Thanks for keeping in touch. You don't have to have anything in particular to say if you just feel like a moan we are here to sympathise. We can talk dogs if you like. I've got a Jack Russell with a nice temperament honest! Let the morphine take the strain. Its magic stuff. Not addictive or anything when you actually take it for pain. I have it and no one would know there was anything wrong with me Life takes on a whole new outlook when you aren't in pain.

    Love Sarah

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