Chris (Darragh)

Chris (Darragh)

I have sad news today that one of our members died last Friday. Chris, whose screen name was Darragh, hasn't posted for quite some time but I'd just like you to know that she was one amazing lady and an inspiration to anyone who is living with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Chris didn't let this stop her living life to the full and she liked nothing better than spending time with her beloved husband and family. She was the most stalwart and loyal of friends and she had a fantastic sense of humour.

Chris and I met up after 'chatting' on this forum when we realised we lived very close to one another in South Wales and that we attended the same hospital. We turned our regular coffee meetings into a support group for other women in South Wales with Ovarian Cancer and PPC. Chris would never have liked a fuss or to make people sad in sharing this news. She would have wanted to say adieu and thanks for the great friendships here on this forum and the opportunities it offers us to make friends and support one another.


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  • I was very sad to hear this news.

    Chris was lovely and so full of life.

    My condolences to her family and friends.

    Anne B

  • I was sorry to hear this sad news last week.

    I really liked Chris when I met her. She was a lady with a lot of courage and determination.

    My thoughts are with her family.


  • Very sad loss of a lovely lady.

  • so sorry to lose this nice lady and Annie doubly hard for you at the moment. One lady who I made friends with at Avastin was missing again today so I feel she is back on a full regime. This had been her first break off chemo since 2010. Of course they wont tell you if you ask so you just assume there is a reason why her Avastin regime is stopped. They know we chatted but I suppose they are bound by privacy

  • It's a horrible aspect of the disease and of online friendships that you don't hear from someone for a long while and wonder what had happened. Chris's husband asked that I post up something for her to let you all know. xxx

  • So sorry to hear this and sorry for your loss Annie. X

  • So sorry to hear sad news.condolences to her husband and to you so unfair .xx

  • I am really sorry to read about the loss of Chris. I did not know her but have read how bravely she faced this awful disease.

    As a husband who supported his wife throught this illness and family through their mothers loss I know how difficult and emotional the future is going to be for her family. It will be a year for me next month since Jenny sadly lost her fight against OC and it has been a year of very mixed emotion. Sometimes there have been highs and sometimes there have been lows that have taken me to the depths and I have been in a very dark place. This roller coaster ride Of mixed emotion are the mind and bodies way of dealing with the devastating effects of losing the most dearest and loved partner. Losing a partner is completely different than any other family loss a person can endure as it changes everything. Not only is there the loss itself to deal with there is also the life changing effects it has on the partner.

    Well one year is nearly here and I can say that there is light at the end of the tunnel, there are groups out there that are very supportive and can offer helpful advice and support to people who have lost a partner.

    I miss Jenny so much but I am doing okay and I am building a new life with Jenny firmly in my heart. The 47 years I spent with Jenny was almost a lifetime and I give thanks for those years with a wonderful wife and mother.

    If I can offer support to anyone on here or their families I am very happy to do that

    Love to all


  • Good to hear from you Alan.

    I really appreciate how you stay in touch with us and let us know how you're doing and how supportive you are to everyone.

    Love Chris x

  • Dear Alan

    I'll be in regular touch with Chris's husband and will mention your post to him. I know he'll be touched by your kind thoughts. x Annie

  • Such sad news. Another beautiful lady gone, but not forgotten. X x

  • Very sad news. Thinking of her family and Welsh women in particular. xxx

  • I am really saddened by this news. I didn't meet Chris but she sounds like a courageous woman who will be sorely missed. I'm sorry for her family and also that you have lost your good friend.

    Love and hugs Francesca x

  • Very sad Annie. I'm sure you will miss her. Ann x

  • Annie , thanks for posting this. Sad news to hear .. Best wishes to her family. Xx

  • So sad to lose another one from our group.

    Annette xxx

  • Oh no - I've only just seen this. I'm so sorry, Annie. Chris was a lovely lady and I know that you in particular will miss her very much!

  • Thanks Barbara. I'm sorry this must have come out of the blue to those of you who met her but live away at a distance. xx Annie

  • I'm sorry that you have lost a friend, another woman gone to this disease. Thinking of her family.

  • I am so very sad to read this news, Annie. Please forward my condolences to her family who I know will be devastated.

    Andy x

  • Thanks Andy. Chris's funeral is next Monday so I'll pass on everyone's condolences. xx Annie

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