Pelvic floors -- a pain to remember but not with this App!

Wonders will never cease -- I have done all my exercises religiously for over 10 days. Great app by Olson called Kegel Trainer on iPhone App Store -- and am sure there will be Android equivalents. Nice, simple to use and discreet on the old reminders...builds up the time and levels gently. Not all of the apps for this seemed as good.

Good for us all to avoid oops moments -- but especially those after hysterectomies to avoid all that prolapse horridness.

Yours squeezing away merrily...


Ps I have absolutely nothing to do with the developers by the way!

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  • Thanks, Sue. I always meeeeen to do them but...........This may be what I need!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks for that Sue!

    Off to the app store to seek! I do exercises but a remnder would help!


  • Thanks, just looked it up. Just what I need .


  • It's a really good reminder. I've been doing it since I got your message ....really useful! Thanks again :-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks for this. Went on the App store for my Android phone and found free Kegel app and then noticed another called Kegel Kat Free. I'm a sucker for a cartoon cat so I've installed this little critter to help me 'squeeze it'. :-)

  • Rats! The bloody thing has wiped my results ( unless it was me hitting the wrong button... ), v demotivating! On other hand, I am on Level 4 <smug>

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