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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone pressed on their tummy and felt their tumour? before they got it dignosed? and how big would the lump be by the time you can feel it? I understand that the ovary is only a size of a olive and can be even smaller after the age of 50 and can move around and hide, I often think I could have found it much sooner if I had been pressing on my tummy and had found my tumour which went on to be a big size 10 inches just one big one,[clear cell] by the time I had my operation my tumour was stage 3c.

Sarah P.

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  • Hi Sarah

    I was rubbing my tummy when I felt a lump and went to the doctors however I was also diagnosed at 3C. Between seeing the doctor and starting the treatment the lump did get bigger and ended up sticking up a bit under my belly button. I am not an expert but I think the tumour would have to be quite large before you could feel it in any case so I don't think you should worry that you could have found it earlier.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Sarah

    I did feel a lump in the left hand side of my tummy when I fell over on holidays, it was Easter (the end of March) but I left it untill July of that year before I went to see about it I kept prodding it and asking my husband to feel it and he couldn't feel anything not untill July and then he said "what's that? you had better go and see about it" which I promptly did that day, it was a Friday and saw the specialist on the Monday, he said my ovary was the size of a very large melon, I asked what size should it be he said the size of a pecan nut. Hindsight is a very good thing isn't it ? but there is no point in beating ourselves up about it. My very best wishes Gwyneth

  • I also felt a lump in bed one night but then it seemed to vanish, then back again but couldn't be sure, this was Christmas 2010 but evenualy could feel it all the time ended up going to the doctors in March 2010 and it was about 6" the doctor could feel it straight away, like you I wish I had gone to the doctors earlier,have since had two ops and now on chemo, but my hubby says perhaps if Id gone earlier the doctor would'nt have felt anything !!

  • Hi Sarah

    I too found a lump which turned out to be 5inches and was then diagnosed with stage 3 OC. Previous to this my doctor had examined me and found nothing but had sent me for bowel tests which also showed nothing. My tumours seemed to grow very fast so You probably would not have been diagnosed any sooner.

    Good luck


  • I never felt the lumps on my ovary but I had tumours in the omentum from which they too the biopsy. I could feel that and it was a great relief as it shrank. I cannot feel the current tumour which is between the vault of the vagina and the rectum and so behind the pelvic girdle.

  • I felt my tumour on my left side and made a doctors appointment.A scan confirmed it was 10cm ,covering one ovary.The tumour and others were found t be canceous after a hysterectomy.

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