Lobsided tummy

Hi everyone, does tamoxifen put weight on, only asking because since I have been on these tablets I have put weight on round my bum and tummy. Also one side of my tum is slightly bigger than the other. Also put weight on, on my legs. I don't have any pain, I am having ct scan next Tuesday, but just wondering if anyone else is on tamoxifen and if they had the same side effects.

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  • I am not on tamoxifen but I have a lopsided tummy. I remember you mentioned that before you started on the tamoxifen?

  • Yes I think I have mentioned it before (chemo brain) 😕 haha. It's the left side which seems a bit swollen. 😏. Xx

  • I have a lopsided tummy too xxx

  • Though I'm not in Tamoxifen xx

  • Thanks for your reply Tina, I was getting a bit worried 😓. Xx

  • Could it be ascites?

  • Not sure, I will mention it next week when I go for my scan. Xx

  • Hi, I've just discussed starting tamoxifen with my oncologist and she said weight gain is one of the possible side effects but like you say worth checking out at your next appt. xx

  • I have a lopsided tummy too, and I'm not on Tamoxifen, left side, the side where the tumor was, seems that the fat is unevenly distributed. Oh well small price to pay. x

  • I am not on tamoxifen but also have lob sided tummy which I seemed to have gained through my last lot of chemo. It may also be that I fractured two vertebrae about a year ago so have lost any strength. My abdomen as stupid swimming and gym.


  • I think we are all lopsided because I have it too 🙇

  • I also have one side of my tummy bigger than the other, the scar from the op neatly defines the difference!

  • Thanks everyone for your comments, it looks like lobsided tummy's is the norm, but like one of the ladies said it's a small price to pay. Yes I definitely think tamoxifen tablets have put the pounds on,. I will have to get my act together and get out walking every day, even if it's only for 20 minutes,. 🙄xxx

  • I don't take but my friend who has had breast cancer twice takes it. She's gained quite a bit of weight. She also just found tumors near her ovaries which luckily we're benign. I know it can cause ovarian cancer. I had a hysterectomy 3 yrs ago and take no meds. Best regards, Liz

  • My left side is quite a bit larger than my left i chalk it up to the fact that during surgery the dr. Had to remove some of the omentum as the cancer had invaded there as well. Did any one else have some of their's removed?

  • Hi, I had my omentum removed, as well as debulking. The cancer was still in my peritoneal (I have ppc) so it was just a precaution..

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