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PET Scan

I got a phone call on Friday asking me to come in for a PET scan tomorrow. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this scan. I've been given info e.g. starve for 6 hrs, can drink water and told there are no side effects although I might set off some very sensitive radio active scanners :-) I'm think when the Centre of Excellence received my MRI/CT scan from my previous hospital they aren't happy with the quality and want to get a more accurate picture. Also as I declined the fine needle aspiration this scan will likely give them a clearer view of any rogue cells.

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Hi Irene, I had a PET CT scan, and it was fine, they inject you with a low level radioactive tracer which is more acurate in detecting where the tumours are in your body. I had no nasty side effects at all, am sure you will be fine. Good luck, hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

Tess x


thanks Tess. They did stress there were no side effects but I'm a little cautious as I've already arranged to go away for 4 days and thought 'sod's law' I'll be glowing like a bellisha beacon in the train carriage ;-)


Not so - the radioactivity lasts for a few hours after the scan, you are advised to avoid children, or at least I was. The process is boring: you are injected with the radioactuive fluid and then you have to wait for an hour for it to circulate and the radio tagged sugar to get taken up by the c cells, if there are any. You are not allowed to read, you can listen to music. So I would take a player with you.

Usually you have a CT at the same time.

At least that's what happened to me.


chrystynh - I knew about the 1hr wait but didn't realise you couldn't read. Presumably they want you in a totally chilled state. I'll definitely take my ipod for company....thanks for mentioning it.


Hi Irene

I had a PET scan when the liver bods wanted to operate to get rid of a tumour. it was ok- but dont expect anyone to be able to stay with you whilst your waiting, as youre given small dose of radiation, so they keep you seperate from other people.

also you need to keep away from pregnant people- I had to miss a day at uni as the lecturer was pregnant- I felt like walking around with a bell shouting 'unclean' for the day! its a bit of a pain, but doesnt cause any major problems.

good luck!




HI Irene, I've not had a PET scan but might have some info on CT scans that don't show up enough detail. When I had my second I had a really bad reaction to the iodine they prefer to inject for the CT scan. It may be your CoE didn't inject iodine and this is the reason they want to rescan?? That's only a guess - but it's always worth ringing up the oncology nurse to look up your notes and explain why you're being asked to do this. It sounds as though they're being very thorough.

Sounds a good idea to take in a talking book or some music and let's hope the time passes quickly for you.

All the best with the scan. Let us know how you are. xxx Annie


Thanks guys. Back in one piece. Even managed to stop off and make a purchase in Tottenham Court Road on way home!

Worst part was that I got there 15 mins before my appt time and then there was a 1hr delay so the 1.5hr procedure turned into 3hrs. Tummy gave up grumbling after a while.

Whippit. I was given an injection for my CT scan (jab that makes you think you've peed yourself and makes you very hot) but I enquired about a injection for the MRI and they said wasn't necessary.

I do think the CofE are being very thorough and I also have doubts on the accuracy of the scans from the other hospital. I had a CT scan in 2010 which, apparently didn't show my cyst - but this was explained by saying that it could just be my position during the scan or the fact that the scanners have improved.

Off topic it was interesting to note that yet again the equipment I was using at the hospital today was donated by the fundraising efforts of a group of caring people who've experience cancer in their lives.. I've lost count of the times I've benefited from this type of donation. The 'what if these people didn't bother' question springs to mind but that's a worrying 'if'.


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