Bowel movements

Apologies to the squeamish for this indelicate subject but for some weeks my bowel movements have been a mustard coloured and I wondered if this happened to anyone else and if I should mention it to the consultant tomorrow?

My blood cholesterol is high and so are my triglycerides even though I most try to stick to a lot fat diet and have done for some years. There is a family history of high cholesterol but I've also had my my blood sugars checked as well just waiting on those results.

My GP has written to the specialist about my cholesterol I'll probably have to take some medication but I couldn't cope with seeing another specialist, which my GP understands. Its hard work trying to co-ordinate my GP, oncologist and gall bladder specialist.

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  • Hi ScardyCat,

    I would think that your bowel movement is largely to do with you gallstone problem...but you should mention this when you go wishing you all the best love x G x :-)

  • Yes I know but gallstones usually cause clay coloured stools

  • I still think it could be to do with your gallstone as it is a malfunction of fat not being processed through the bile duct and going through your body too quick but you should mention this when you go love x G x :-)

  • I will do I have had clay coloured stools as well but they tend to come and go. You must think I'm a real worry wort lol

  • Nope I don't think that at are bound to worry...but the bigger worry would be if it was black, tarry,or red I think love

    x G x :-)

  • Well that could be an indicator of bowel cancer or peptic ulcers but mustard coloured stools could indicate a problem with the pancreas and my stools have also been floating as well.

  • I know that... but it could be gall trouble because that causes floaters as well and yellow poos so stop worrying you know you've got a gallstone so in all probability it is that love x G x :-)

  • It is not surprising that you have been worried, you have been through a lot. I was wondering how things were going with you. I think that anything that seems a bit unusual forums makes us worry. When is your next appointment? I hope you don't have to wait long to get an answer. Luv n hugs

    Wendy xx

  • I went I had a CT last week and I should get the results tomorrow in clinic

  • All the best with you results love x G x :-)

  • Will be thinking of you

    Love W xx

  • And from me ....hope it all goes well and that you get reassuring news.

    Love n' hugz as always xxx

  • Its good news nothing new has shown up on my CT scan all my organs appear normal. The cyst they were worried about has disappeared. They are still going to MRI my pelvis to make sure so they won't sign me off for gall bladder surgery just yet.

  • This is great your bowel problem did they explain?... Thanks for the update best wishes love x G x :-)

  • No not really they just agreed it could be related to my gallstones as could all the pain and my elevated CA125. We won't have the results of todays blood test until tomorrow. I just hope having the gall bladder removed with make some difference as I've not quite felt myself since all this started over a year ago.

    I'm not sleeping well suffering with discomfort and night sweats and I'm clammy all the time. Feel exhausted now.

  • That just about sizes up the symptoms of your gall bladder...and trust will feel much much better when it is x G x :-)

  • Good to read your news .....

    Do hope you will not have to wait to long before the can sort out your gall bladder ...

    Will it be key hole ??

    Take good care now xxxx

    love Jan xx

  • I'm waiting for an MRI on the 5 November just to make doubly sure and then if that is ok they will sign me off for surgery. I think the wait for the gall bladder is about 1 month but they may not be able to do it as a keyhole procedure due to my previous surgery but they will not know for sure until they go in.

  • wishing you well in the coming weeks and hoping for you that they can do it keyhole xxx

  • This is all so horrible for you. I'm hoping you can get into surgery soon to get the gall bladder problem sorted. Let's hope things go more smoothly after that. Lots of love xxx Annie

  • Thanks Annie I'm feeling a bit down not really sure why. My GP is changing my anti depressants to one that is better for anxiety and hopefully will also help with my hot flushes. I'm in the process of phasing one lot out and introducing the new ones which may be contributing to my low mood I suppose.

  • I'm so sorry you're feeling low. It's horrible being on tablets. I always think they sort one thing out and then cause another problem elsewhere. What would cheer you up today? I'm going out for a curry tonight with a friend/colleague I've known for 38 years. There's something very comfortable and good about catching up with good old friends. xxxxx

  • Dear ScardyCat

    You should definitely mention the clay coloured ad well as mustard stools & floaters to your consultant. If you know what your cholesterol levels are you shud take these & show them to your consultant tomorrow. It is very important to address the cholesterol levels and find out if it is causing any other problems.

    Good luck for tomorrow.

    Lots of love X :-) :-)

  • Thanks for your post I saw the consultant oncologist today. I told him about my stools and high cholesterol but although he was sympathetic its not really his area of expertise. My GP is dealing with my cholesterol

  • Just had an email from The Christie to confirm that my CA125 has fallen back down to 37. I know pancreaitis is a common complication of gall stones and can raise the CA125 so I wonder if I had a mild case of pancreatis?

  • Hi Scardycat. Just read about all the difficulties you've been having. What a worrying time lovey! Good news about your CA125 though! It does sounds as though perhaps you've had symptoms as a result of everything else going on with your gall bladder but talk to your consultant and GP and try not to panic! loads of love Hx

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