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Did anyone watch this programme on tv last night ?

It was really interesting. Basically saying that eating a healthy balance diet is the best for you and avoid all these crazy detox and diets. They were testing superfoods and looking at whole grain etc. The best breakfast was fried egg (rapeseed oil and drained) with grilled bacon. It came out on top of all the cereals and fruit etc Smoothies came under fire too

The also looked at supplements that they were also saying were a waste of time and that you can get all you need from a good diet.

Everything they were saying was in line with what my Oncologist has always told me.


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  • I watch food unwrapped every week, and am amazed at how bad for you 'good' food can be. Even sunflower seeds. Not eaten a fig since I watched it though.

    What channel was it on, would like to watch it.

    LA xx

  • I'm sure it was BBC 1. The girl who used to do morning tv with Eamon Holmes was the presenter. It was very good and really makes you think of all this "super" food that costs a fortune but doesn't do anything for you. I'm on a forum and there are a few girls on it that have made themselves weak and ill from doing these radical diets and detoxing xo

  • Oh no what's with the figs?? I haven't watched the programme but I'd hate to think I should be giving them up. A friend made a fig, orange and honey dessert and it was the most delicious thing. X

  • The short flowers grow wasps, whereas the long flowers become seeds. In figs of this sort, the crunchy bits in the fruit contain both seeds and wasps.

    They are covered in wasps and the female goes inside and when she pollinates the fruit they die off. It was rather gross. The Food unwrapped programme is still available to view, it put me off completely.

    LA xx

  • Oh yuk. I've just gone off them... x

  • I read figs are good for you, buy mine from home bargains, I, m not giving them up

  • Hi Julie I watched it too, my CNS and oncologist have always told me to eat a well balanced diet and would prefer it if I didn't take any supplements!

    Hope you are doing ok.



  • Mine team feel the same and I chose to listen to them because I was getting so much conflicting advise and my head was turned with it all. He has not failed me yet so I trust him.

    I'm doing well thanks hope you are too xo

  • Hi Julie I think everthing in moderation, I try to stay healthy eating but I am tempted and fail but I hope I balance it mostly

  • I'm exactly the same. Sometimes the moderation can be stretched when it comes to goodies though 😃 Xo

  • Interesting about the rapeseed oil --- if I remember correctly Penny Brohn didn't recommend it, they suggested cold pressed oil? Eggs certainly have vitamin D & many people with cancers are found to be vitamin D deficient. Mine was only 50% at diagnosis

  • I can't remember the science behind it but a chef told me about rapeseed oil being the best to cook with so I have been using it for a long time.

    They said that eggs fried were better than scramble as you're adding milk and butter whereas the oil gets drained off. It's different from bread as it absorbs oil. It was interesting.

  • Rapeseed oil is recommended as it does not burn .

    I attended a lecture on nutrition at a get together day and she also recommended a healthy diet but to avoid dairy products and processed food.

    Also our bog standard homegrown fruit like apples.pears etc are just as good .x

  • Healthy diets seem to be the best thing for us instead of all the radical and expensive stuff. It is interesting that good old standard fruit is as good as any. Better on the purse too ! X

  • I watched the programme and found it both interesting and reassuring, especially the test they did on antioxidants.

  • My eldest sister, twenty one years my senior remembers that for around a decade after the war years, people were generally healthier. Sweets and sugar were still in short supply and an apple or orange was a treat. There was plenty of veg, unsullied by pesticides and red meat was limited because it was expensive. I believe sugar to be the scourge of the planet and it's in most processed foods

    I rather like coconut oil to fry with..

  • Hi Julie

    My sister watched part of this program last night in the beautiful hotel in Kerry where we are having a 3 night stay . She was telling us about it at dinner and would love to have seen it all. Out go her chia seeds ! Plus we had the fried egg instead of scrambled egg this morning. I have used rapeseed oil for years as its good if you have high cholestoral . On the same subject while touring yesterday I came across a woman selling aloe Vera juice and raving about its properties. Of course I did fall for the sales patter and now wonder if it will give me back my energy as she claimed and detox me at the same time. Or is it a case of " a fool and his money is soon parted ! " .


  • I have a huge confession, I visited my friend today and took her a creamy doughnut, and a filled roll although the drinks were sugar free, Well she devoured the doughnut and I was really delighted. So definitely stretched the moderation to its limits. Well it cheered her up no end and I am happy about that. She was told today that her Cancer was not a new one but a recurrence where recurrences for OC are not normally seen. She has had surgery waiting on biopsies mdt meeting and facing rt. So we both finished Avastin at the same time, so little thoughts are running around my head. I am really so upset for her as she is a very quiet lady who travelled far for her chemo every three weeks.

  • Hi Julie. What foods does your onc recommend? Mine will not commit - just says eat whatever you want; not a lot of help. Prior to diagnosis, I was always fit & well - wondered what I'd done to deserve such good health. I ate lots of fruit and so I always thought it must be keeping me cleansed inside. Then the shock of diagnosis made me think "well, I know nothing". I don't much bother with fruit now - feel very let down.

    I live in Australia and we get a lot of UK TV programmes. I've been watching the Michael Mosley series "Trust me, I'm a Doctor". They tested oils. Rapeseed didn't rate but Olive oil did. Doesn't have to be EVOO, any olive oil at all will do. But best not to cook it as it degrades it. One woman said she mixes it into her porridge when it's cooked. A prominent doctor here (Scottish by birth) always says to avoid supplements and follow the Mediterranean diet. Does sound a sensible diet. A friend (also with OC) swore by blueberries but sadly, she didn't make it into 2016.

    There's the American doctor who said "Eat food, mostly plant-based, not too much". Sounds good to me.

    Oh yes, a segment on one of the Michael Mosley episodes had a dog that could sniff out ovarian cancer. There's one for the future. Pauline

  • I have a boiled egg everyday, eggs are good for you

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