Game anyone?

Following my recent exchange with Whippit (Annie Actually) I've decided to start off the game. Here are three 'facts' about myself. Can you spot which one is false? I think this will fox even Gwyn ;-)

I met my husband on a balloon ride in Holland.

The Russian Minister of Culture was in love with me.

I was once a champion judge of dairy cattle.

Write your own blog with your three 'facts' and we'll try to spot the lie. Just a little light relief.

Love to all


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  • I'm working on this one Linda... I have a theory but could be wrong.

    I have tried to reply to your comment on the Ovacome poem.. but it keeps coming up with an error (again) so dubbing me the "ovacome bard" is an honour indeed coming from our very own librarian in chief....cheers love x G x :-O

  • What a great game, you have got me thinking. Cant do much else at the moment as I'm off work due to having my op. I think the false fact is You meet your husband in a hot air balloon. I think if I went up in one of those I would be too scared to open my eyes let alone talk to anyone x

    Look forward to the results

    Love Babs x x

  • Interesting, Babs. But I'm not giving the game away just yet!

    Hope you're taking it easy and being waited own hand and foot.



  • You could make a movie out of those three facts, Linda! Hmmmm I think the fib is the dairy cattle one - the other two have a consistent globe trotting feel about them.

    Monique x

  • I think its the dairy cattle judge.. Xxx

    Where do we put that facts about ourselves??


  • I think its the dairy cattle judge.. Xxx

    Where do we put that facts about ourselves??


  • Why not start a new blog with your facts so people reply to you directly with their guesses.

  • You were not a judge of Dairy cattle and your name is not Linda!

    I am quite prepared to believe the other two LOL!


  • Facts about me:

    The daughter of a famous Port producer cut my hair:

    I had lunch with Barbara Castle:

    I was in the team that won the Observer Mace debating Trophy in 1961.

    Now which of those is false?


    This is fun and I like fun! Thanks Linda (the one about your name was just a red herring LOL!

  • All very plausible. No aspersions on your debating skills but I think that's the lie. Maybe your team were the runners up?


  • clever of you to guess correctly! We got to the quarter final!

  • Dear Margaret

    This is such fun!

    You were involved in the Union movement at a high level so I think you did have lunch with Barbara Castle.

    I think you must be the same age as me so you would have been perhaps a teenager in 1961. I think you would have had to have been in university to take part in this challenge, so on account of your youthful appearance and attitude I think this is false. You were too young.

    That means the daughter of the famous Port producer cut your hair. If true, I wonder who that was!

    xxxx So many interesting things to find out about one another. xxx

  • Thanks for the flattery about age but I was born in 1940! LOL!


  • Hi Margaret,

    False:- the daughter of a famous Port producer cut you hair. :-/ ;-)

  • I have to echo Gwyn - I think the hairdressing Port heiress is the porky

    Monique x

  • No to both! I have forgotten her surname and the "house" is now part of one of the big port producers but we were 7 at the time and she cut off one of my pliats in the line to go in to dinner at our boarding school! I went round for a whole term with one side of my hair waist length and the other ear length!

    Also I was 21 in 1961 and in my 2nd year at university! I was in the team but we didn't win! we only got to the quarter final!

  • Must look out the old St julian's Magazines It was an English boarding school near Lisbon. The school still exists but is no longer boarding! Ah! I remember! It was Rosemary Delaforce! I was told by my daughter's wine merchant, who has met her recently, that she is a "lovely lady" at 7 she was jealous of my long hair which got me the part of a fairy in the Embassy production of Midsummer night's dream to celebrate the wedding of Princess Elizabeth & Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten! She cut my plait after the event!

  • There's an interesting web-site on your old school Margaret. Seven was precious young to be a boarder but it obviously gave you an excellent education.

    I had to smile at the idea of you going round for a whole term with hair of different lengths. How on earth did they explain this to your family when you returned home!!? xx

  • Not Much choice as my dad was redesigning a shipyard in Figuera da Foz and there was no English school! I was only there for 3 years until we came back to the UK! I must look up their website!

  • Just looked at the website! I have 2 school photos of us all on those steps! a couple of school magazines and my school badge! The grand hall behind those steps had a wonderful mrquetry floor and we had our brownie and guides meetings in there! I learned to dance and was in a number of plays in the "recreation room" pictured! In my day the "posh wing was not in general use by the school and one wing was a golf club and had other offices - it must have been the Cable & Wireless part that is mentioned. We had 2 wingsone was the boarding part and the other class rooms and offices. The school left my hair in case my mother accused them of cutting it because it had to be plaited by someone else (elaborate side plaits) and they did not want to be bothered!

    This post has me well and tyruly distracted! LOL!


  • I knew you'd be in the team :-) but bait of a play on words there..well done :-/

  • I didn't mean bait (bit) or maybe I did ;-)

    But missed the fact you didn't say hairdresser :-)

  • I think the false one is lunch with Barbara castle. The reason for this is that would be the easiest to make up!

    Can't wait to find out the truth

    Jackie xx

  • My Husband was the constituency party secretary when she cameto a coffee morning and we had to take her to lunch afterwards! We discussed where she got her clothes from! LOL!

  • I love this blog Linda - it's so refreshing after focussing on our illnesses. Now you have got me thinking .... um ....

    I'm a die-hard romantic so I really want the Russian Minister of Culture to have been in love with you - but from that it sounds as though that was in the past which might attach sadness to that fact.

    I love the idea of you being a Champion Judge of Cattle and I think you love the outdoors and the country so I think this one is true.

    You met your husband on a hot air balloon in Holland. Your life is full of love and adventure so this is also true.

    I think of the three I'll choose the false one to be the Russian Minister of Culture as I think that is a romance in one of your library books.

    I can't wait to hear the real truth!

    I'll add my 3 facts about myself below. xxxx Annie

  • isn't it fun! I love the idea!

    Margaret! Focus on something other than symptoms!


  • Hi Linda,

    False:- you met your husband in a hot air balloon (is hot air) :-)

    True:- I know you was a judge for dairy cattle (goats) :-/

    True:- I am a bit unsure about The Russia Minister for culture (but plausible) ;-)

  • Hi all this is fun

    I think the false was is meeting your husband on the hot air balloon ride

    Was just wondering when you may put us out of your misery.

    Ally x

  • Right - three facts about me:

    I ignored HRH The Prince of Wales in my place of work because I didn't recognise him.

    I've published a book of comic tales.

    I used to be a conjurer's assistant regularly seen being cut into 3 pieces inside a magician's box.

  • Not sure about this one!

    I think probably the prince of Wales but I am most likely wrong.

    This is great fun. Can't wait to find out the truth.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • I think I'll keep you all in suspense until tomorrow.

    Exotic Limda!

  • Luscious Linda....more like :-D

  • Conjurer's assistant! I've ignored HRH as well but in my case it was deliberate! LOL!


  • Hi Annie,

    False:- Published a book (not because you are not able.. or funny but just because)

  • Definitely a tricky one Annie. I'll say you haven't published a book of comic tales.



  • I think the conjurer's assistant is the false one, Annie!

    Monique x

  • The false one is the minister of culture. Not that I think he shouldn't have been in love with you but it seems the less plausible.

    Love Jackie xxx

  • Tat is why I think it is true! and Linda is exotic enough to have attracted a Russian! They are notoriously passionate and romantic! LOL!


  • Dear all

    If anyone's still guessing I was a conjurer's assistant - that was true. The local pharmacist was a member of the magic circle. Nobody else in our amateur dramatic group would chance him making a mistake with his chain saw. It wasn't really dangerous at all. The magic box had a false back - you had to be very small - mind - to step behind the armoured false back of the box into the safe area. He made a perfect replica of my torso which I placed in the front of the box and this was pushed to one side revealing my own head and legs - with my torso to one side.

    Bill the magician had many clever tricks.

    A tip - I have had a work of fiction published. But was it a book of funny tales? ????

    any answers? xxxx

  • Now you're teasing us!


  • I love the thought of you in a sequined leotard disappearing into the box!

    M xxxxxxx

  • I have to confess I wouldn't have been in a sequined leotard as it was an act in the Old Time Music Hall we performed twice a week for tourists throughout the summer season. It was a Columbine outfit -especially adapted to fit into a small space - but it was still a squash.

    I've just remembered the code to proceed. The magician has to give you a sign that he's ready to proceed and he must hear your response so he doesn't start sawing until you're safely hidden away. Two knocks from Bill and replied with three knocks. Luckily it never failed!!!!

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