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What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

Did anyone else pause, fingers over the keyboard, before finally creating a screen-name on a website or a new email address?

Gwyn pointed out I've had two names already on the Ovacome site, but in fact I've had three. I chose my own name to start with and as I began to post on the site and realised most blogs are visible to the public, I decided I wanted something more anonymous. I chose Maverick and put up a few more posts.

This name seemed a bit anarchic and even insincere. I didn't want to give that impression so put my thinking cap on again. I decided finally on Whippit because it's nonsensical and cranky. It's an affectionate nickname my husband uses from time to time.

This has led me to wonder about all you lovely ladies. Is Soapsuds always cleaning? is Doreen Harwood an actress? Does Plum have a Plum in the Mouth? I wonder what it is that makes us choose or reject a name or email address for use on the internet. I wonder if it makes any difference to how we're perceived?

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I knew you had three Annie but couldn't remember the other one haha in fact I remember Lizzie saying "oh you of many names" haha...Babs however she will soon tell you that it was her mum's name..soapsuds chose hers because of a missprint for Sue Sud and AAAAnd because Suesuds had already been taken she put soap in front of it instead...what you need is a food memory or to be A- - - -y Retentive haha my name as you know is just shortened but I could be perceived to be a man...(without seeing me of course) love x G x :-/ ;-)


My iPad is at it again it insists on replacing good with food (I wonder why? The extra As n front of and no idea what is going on there... but I think you have the meaning of this comment so will not delete (too much trouble) sorry xx :-(


could be the site cos I'm having probs too. Thought it was me!


Sorry Gwyn, Soapsuds was my sister's nickname for me as a child. hosen that No idea why! Sud was already taken , might have that as a New Zealand friend once text that name in a spelling error!

love suex


Hi Soapsuds,

I can at last reply sorry I got that wrong but remember the other Sue calling herself "Suesud" because the nurses made an error and called her "Sud" instead of "Sue" so I thought you said it was the same for youo oops :-(

:-/ ;-) love x G x


Not only have I had 3 names on this site - I also changed my given name by Deed Poll. I changed my name to Annie to avoid confusion. I then confused everyone even more by getting married the following year and changing my surname. Nobody knows who I am - including me! xx


Now I did know you changed your name from Anne (with e or without e? ) to Annie but I prefer Annie Actually :-)


Hi Annie

Why Tweetingasme? In the days when I used to earn an honest living I set up a Twitter account on behalf of the organisation I worked for and tweeted under their name. Then when I stopped work I wanted my own Twitter account and so came up with the Tweetingasme name. Later I thought about switching to another name, Linda Hoots On, which is just a play on my own name, but I never got round to it and I don't do very much on Twitter now anyway. So I'm still Tweetingasme!

I was always curious about the name Whippit though and wondered if you raced dogs or something:-))

The name label graphic on your blog reminds me of an ice breaker that was used at a seminar I went to once. All the participants had to write 3 things about themselves, 2 of which should be true, on a post it note and stick it on their chests. Then we all walked round reading each other's notes and trying to pick out the lie from the two facts. I was great fun. Maybe we could do it on this site?




That is such a fab idea for a game on the site. Gwyn would win hands-down as she knows more about us than we do ourselves!!! .... only kiddin' Gwyn!

I had to laugh at the idea of my racing dogs - though I did enter Sam in the Terrier Race at the local village fete. If I were a dog-racer my spelling is flawed as I believe our friend the dog is a Whippet. Perhaps the two go hand-in-hand.

It's as I thought. Our names reveal a lot about us even if we didn't intend them to do so. I wanted anonymity and here I am with Whippit giving all sorts of funny impressions of myself.

Having said that, it's probably too late to rectify the funny impressions I've made. My posts have probably more than made up for the funny name. lol xxx

Annie (Actually) xxxxx


Annie Actually,

I first have to work out this game???? Doink ! Oh yep I get it (I think) :-/ ;-)


Annie Actually...would have been soooo good can I feel a name change coming on ? It's a bit like when you choose names for your children... afterwards you wish you'd chosen something else...and they certainly wish you had (well girls do) but you are right pen names does make one wonder why they chose it "Suzanneadenough" is probably self explanatory and "ScardyCat" is as well but there are a lot of mysteries on here "Archiebanana" named after her dog but she can't remember why the banana is lopped on the end haha "Lucydog" named after her dog the real tough ones is "MargaretJ" WendyD" or "Jan76" these are all no brainers hahaha love x G x :-/ ;-)


My first email address was but I started to get very funny messages on it. It was meant as a bit of nonsense but apparently has other connotations for some people!


Annie Actually you are a fruit box haha :-D


Sorry Soapsuds,

I got it wrong, but I vaguely remember the conversation with Suesuds about the nurses putting Sud instead of Sue and I was sure you said the same???? oops sorry!! :-( :-( see

Annie Actually ....I don't know there teehee love x G x I am so glad you cleared that one up :-/ ;-)


Evening ladies .....

Have eaten this time vino and spag bol ..twas very nice .....

Now this is an interesting thread .......

Gwyn does indeed know more about us than we do ourselves or is seems that way bless her.

My screen name did not take a lot of thinking about as at the time the brain could not think about a lot really .... Jan is what a few people know me by..... family and close friends and the 76 is the year hubby and I got married ,aarrrh is what you are saying now ......

76 was the year of the very hot hot heat wave ..... The head of nursing at the hospital where I was working at allowed us nurses to remove our aprons and belts from our uniforms what a relief that was .....It was not a general hospital ....

Looking forward to hearing about others screen names ..

love Jan xxxx


I'm saying Awww sweeeet teehee :-/ ;-) xx

what's red vino? oh I know wine!!! doink .... do you mean drunk red vino? and eaten spag Bol? or was the red vino in the spag Bol ?? Just being a bit precise LOL


Spag bol was made with red wine and the rest was drunk with the meal .....

It was rather nice ..No naughty pudding just a apple and prunes and apricots as a dessert ... no guessing as to why the prunes and apricots !!!!!!

Jan xxx


What happened to your comment on my OvaCome poem then? xx :-(


Opps .....

Have been out today .... and then the red wine !!!!!

Am I forgiven ???

J x


You are forgiven Jan just thought you wouldn't want to miss out on thanking the team

Cheers love x G x :-)



No Doreen Harwood was not an actress. It was my dear Mum`s name. She is nolonger with me she died 13 years ago age 74 from cancer. I often go to phone her for a chat but realise she is not there. I know she is watching over me, that is why I chose that name.

Love to all Babs x x


Dear Babs,

That's such a lovely reason for a screen name. I know exactly what you mean about missing you mum and wanting to phone for a chat. I used to talk to my Dad on the phone every day. He became too ill to do this in May 2007 and died last year. I miss those chats and often my first thought is to pick up the phone when something special happens.

I'm sure their love never leaves us. It's good to kep her name alive on screen.

Hope you're recovery is going well. Xxx love Annie



My name is really quite boring unless you're into geology!!!!. I live on the Jurrassic Coast. simples.

love Marilyn


Hahaha Marilyn.... there's me thinking were eluding to your age!!!

and isn't "simples" from the lovely mere cats and not a dinosaur? Haha x G x :-/ ;-)


Watch it Gwyn :) I walked straight into that didn't I!!!!!!

I tried to think of something dinosaurish but don't have your way with words :) I even spelt jurassic wrongly :(

When Arthur was learning to talk he used to say mere cat dot com simples.;)

Love Marilyn


I love those mere cats ...I saw this birthday card with Merecats on the front and they had their heads in the air sniffing and one said "can you smell old people?" and inside it said "Yes! and I can smell cake" well it tickled me pink... I love that card... I wish I knew someone well enough to send it (without causing offence) haha love G xx :-)


I like that Gwyn, I'll let you know when my birthday is won't take offence promise. Mind you the cake .... I'm not that brilliant at baking cakes and pastries as Paul Hollywood would say 'soggy bottom'. :)

hope you've been watching the great british bake off or that remark will mean nothing.

love Marilyn :)


You're on Marilyn teehee :-)


Bit of an evil cackle there me dear. Mind eeh birthday date deserves an evil cackle soothsayers etc.

Love Marilyn :)


Dear Marilyn

I dont' think the name Jurassic is at all boring. In some way names define us - particularly online when we don't know anything else about each other. Had I thought of something similar relating to where I live I might have called myself 'HighTide' because the Severn Channel has a massive tide - at 13m the 2nd biggest tidal range in the world. In fact I rather like that name. It relates to where I live and to one of my favourite hobbies - sailing!

Wish I'd spoken to you before choosing my name.

xxxx Annie


Annie, Thank you for not finding my name boring :). I think High Tide would be another really good name for you. Please not the Severn Boar:) Is that how you spell it?

I used to go and stay with a gt. aunt back in the 50s who lived in Lydney from her kitchen window you could see the Severn. At the time Berkley Power Station was being built which she was always moaning about...couldn't understand why at the time. :)

love Marilyn xx


Dear Marilyn,

I had to laugh at the idea of calling myself the Severn Bore. ha ha. That would be famous. It's also how you spell the wall of water that travels up the Severn River once every 24 hours.

Ho ho - I'll have to join another website now and be a bore. xxxx


Ooooo! Mine is so boring! Just a name and a letter ;-) I have other names on twitter and for signing in to various websites.

By the way, I have missed a lot of these posts in the last few days cos my email provider suddenly decided to dump all the HealthUnlocked and MyOvacome stuff in my junk box :-(

So I missed out on the 'three facts' game

Love Wendy xx


Hope you catch up and put up your three facts Wendy. It's been a lot of fun! xxx




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