My Ovacome

im clear cell ovarian T1c,stage 1c , grade not defined, diagonised on 20 june 2011

i had a pelvic mass 11x9x8 cm on left ovary with endometrio on right ovary , the mass has ruptured during surgery ,

i had my fourth chemo session , i lost my hair after my first session of chemo,

now i have itching and numbness of the back side of my hands and legs , why ?

is it from chemo or any thing else i should worried about ??

please i need your advise.

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You need to tell your oncologist about the itching and numbness before you have another chemo session. It might be a transitory side effect, but also might be a warning of permanent damage. Do you have a post or pre chemo check?

Wishing you all the best,



Dear Tarouza

All symptoms are distressing if you havent been told to expect them.

What you are describing is completely normal for someone going through chemotherapy and your chemotherapy nurses and oncologist must be your first port of call with these questions. However this site is an excellent source of information and support from the Ovacome nurses to other women going though this.

Ring the Nurses at Ovacome 0845 371 0554 who will be very helpful and answer all your questions. Re the numbness ( peripheral neuropathy)it should be monitored very closely by your Drs for any significant change as they then have the option to alter the chemo dose accordingly. All these things should be explained to you at the clinic where you are being treated. I used to keep a symptom diary throughout chemo recording the severity/ changes in my symptoms so I knew what to report to the nurses on each session

You will get through this and you will come out the other side.

wishing you all the very best



Dear Tarouza,

I agree with Isadora and Lindy you should report this to your Ocologist, when I had this they cut the Taxol down by 20% as they said they would far prefer me to complete the course than not and it did help. very best wishes Gwyneth.


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