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No chemo today as my platelet count is low. Any suggestions on how to encourage it?

Feeling a bit fed up about it as I had got up early to attend for treatment, and then waited 4 hours before being told to come back next week. The nurse unhelpfully said it would just bounce back and there was nothing I could do.

However, as I feel in the dark about platelets I'm hoping one of you is better informed. I'm a confirmed veggie who eats dairy, and started drinking green tea a few months back as that is supposed to be good for the blood.

It's probably the weariness caused by the early start that's got to me as i had a so-so night's sleep due to being aware I had to get up early. Stupid really. Should be over it by tomorrow.


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Hi I have a low white blood count and I was supposed to be having my operation on Monday. I have had another blood test today to see how things are going. Anyway I have read up on white blood cells. Things that improve them are Rest, Staying away from anyone who has a cold, Food include Brazil nuts almonds rose hips ( I bought rose hip tea) and currents. They say eat these things every day. Give it a go as everything on the list is fine if your veggie.

Love and Hugs Babs x x x


Hi Babs, Just wondered how you were feeling with your cold.

Much better I hope, and will you be ok for your op Monday.

Angie x


Hi my cold is a lot better just keeping my fingers crossed that my white blood cells have recovered enough for the op Monday Love Babs x x


Hi Babs! I have been wondering how things are with you now? Glad to hear your cold is improving and you are getting closer to getting the whole thing fixed. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, sending you a hug and many posivibes and wishes :-)

Just thought .......I heard today that beetroot juice is good for the blood. Worth a try and available bottled from most supermarkets these days.

Love Wendy xx


Dear Babs, I'm hoping that you can get on with the op tomorrow and no more hanging round. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping to hear you're out the other side.

Loads and loads of love xxx take in peppermint tea for the wind.

xx Annie


Hello Babs

I'm starting a shopping list of helpful suggestions- didn't know there was such a thing as rose hip tea.

Thanks for the help.

Hope the operation happens soon so you'll be in fine form for Christmas.

Love Christinexxx


Hi The same thing happened to me so I know how disappointed you will be

feeling. The nurse told me to get plenty of rest and my body would do the rest.

It did too and I was ok for chemo the following week.

Love Angie xx


Hello Angie

Plenty of rest sounds obvious now you've said it! May be a bit tricky as builders arrived yesterday for conservatory, and today is pile driver day. It's thumping at about 100 thumps per minute, so I've been out most of the morning to get away from it. My heart wants to go at the same speed.

Love ChristineXx


Hi Christine

Not sure how effective it is but I heard today that beetroot juice is good for the blood. Worth a try and available bottled from most supermarkets these days. All the best and I hope it's ok for next week :-)

Love Wendy xx


Hello Wendy

That's an easy one as I usually eat beetroot a couple of times a week. Thanks

Love Chrisinexx


Christine, hi! That must be so frustrating to show up for chemo and then be told you can't have it after waiting half the day! I would be upset too.

I think it's normal for your platlet count to go down while getting Carboplatin and Taxol. I'm experiencing the same. Platlets are the blood component responsible for clotting so when they're low you're at higher risk for bleeding. Sometimes chemo patients get blood transfusions. There's also a drug that is sometimes given via injection to help you produce more blood cells. I don't kow if there are any natural remedies but you should know that nothing you did abused your platlet count to plummet.... It's abused by the chemo drugs.

Sending you warm hugs from Israel!




I meant to write" it's caused by the chemo drugs" not abused.... That was autocorrect



Thanks for explanation Erica. I just knew there would be explanations and tips availableon this wonderful website.

Hope your chemo going well

xx Christine


My Mum was recommended pomegranate extract and beetroot juice by a friend who was an ex-GP. I'm not sure how effective the pomegranate tablets have been but Mum is getting a blood transfusion today after 5 cycles of Topotecan and is taking them in with her for advice.

Unfortunately the beetroot juice was stopped very quickly because it turned every body-function red which caused us a fair bit of worry, a trip to the doctor and meant that monitoring for any changing symptoms became impossible.

Mum also has liquid iron supplements which she will also ask about today so I will keep everyone posted.

Hope this helps, Robert


Thanks Robert. Someone else suggested beetroot,but the pomegranate is going on the shopping list.

Love Christinexx


try taking shark liver oil


No advice...sorry..but sending you love and best wishes x G x


Hi Christine,

Sorry to hear of your frustration at the last chemo appointment. That's happened to me a couple of times, because of a low white cell count. I thought I would share a recipe for vegetable juice with everyone, that was recommended by a long term cancer survivor: in a juicer, juice the following (whole, raw): one beetroot, one carrot, one apple, one pear, half a lemon, three handfuls of spinach, three handfuls of beensprouts. I don't know if it helps with the platelet count specifically, but it's loaded with anti-oxidants and good things, so I guess it can only do you good, and it's surprisingly tasty. Drink within four hours, so as not to lose the goodness. Makes enough for two people. I call it 'Popeye juice'.

All the best,



That sounds to be full of good stuff, so I'll be trying it. Thanks for the help.

Love Christinexx


Hi Christine

Your blood platelets are to do with the bloods clotting mechanism. Broadly speaking blood consists of three types of cells:

RBC carry around oxgen to the organs in the body

WBC to fight infections

Platelets for clotting

I found this for you so hope it helps. I also read drinking apple juice with a few drops of lemon juice can help:


The only one I knew about was the wbc. I now feel I've got more to work on to aid visualising the production of platelets, so thanks.

Love ChristineXXx


I read that rest and no stress is important. But also gentle exercise perhaps a nice walk away from the builders may help are lacing bath with some nice candles.

I do know that they do bounce back often in a few days treatment is available to help but one man I spoke to in chemo who had had it said it was not nice which is why I think they like to let your body do it for you. I'm sure you will be ok next week



I've been trying the foods and drinks suggested, and think you're right about the no stress and rest. This afternoon I slept for nearly an hour and feel perkier than I have done for a couple of weeks. (Apart from feeling a bit elderly having afternoon naps!).

Last weekend we had gone to Newcastle on Tyne to babysit our 9 month old grand-daughter for a day whilst her parents were at a baby-free wedding. It was lovely, and everything went well. We then had what was supposed to be a couple of relaxing nights away. Unfortunately the hotel was a long way short of the number of stars they claimed. Whilst it still felt like a holiday, in retrospect it didn't do me much good.

I never thought a short break could be so problematic for my health, as since retiring we had been going off every month. We have 4 children, and the nearest to us is the Newcastle one, so we had been visiting at least one of our children each month. Our eldest lives in Brussels, and we had been going 4 times a year there, and having a bit of holiday each trip as well. I'm aiming at being fit for a hectic visit there in their Feb half term.

Do you think being careful with rest and no stress is a permanent requirement for us ovacome people? I realise I'm probably planning to do too much in the New year.

Love Christine xx


Dear Christine

My blood count was too low one week to have chemotherapy. I felt a failure but was assured that it's nothing to do with what I eat, dietary supplements, etc. It's just that the blood cells aren't there at the moment because the chemotherapy is doing its work destroying cells that divide rapidly. Unfortunately it attacks the good cells as well as the bad but you're strong and your blood will soon recover. I'm sure it will sort itself out in a few days.

Don't worry about the building work. I'm in the same position as you with builders extending and replacing the kitchen. The place is a complete mess. I'll be thinking of you. Good for you for just getting on with it despite chemotherapy.

Look after yourself, eat well, rest, laugh and relax. Let us know how you get on next week.

Lots of love, Annie xxx


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