Nothing to do with Ovarian Cancer

Nothing to do with Ovarian Cancer

Sometimes I just want to forget about holding my head up and living with cancer. My daughter showed me this video clip today and I'm still laughing having watched it about 10 times. If it cheers you up and makes you laugh as much as I did then it's worth sharing on this site. btw for the best view click on the 'x' to close the advert at the bottom part way through.

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  • Hahahahahahaha!! lol lol lol very funny cheers xx G xx :-D :-D :-D :-D

  • I thought you'd enjoy it. I'm going to have to watch it again. If only my dog could talk! xxxxx

  • Perhaps he can.... Well doggie language anyway...teehee never too late to learn haha :-D

    :-D :-D

  • I got no sound on the ipad! Must watch again on the laptop! It is so good to be able to forget the elephant in the room!

    Love M xxxxxx

  • What's happened to the sound on your I-Pad Margaret? Have you pressed the rocker switch on the side by accident and turned your sound off? Have you tried unlocking it in Settings General?

    I've just looked up the store list and it seems your miles from an Apple Store. Is Newcastle your nearest? Perhaps you have a local PC World who might help? They'd sort the problem out for you straight away. What a nightmare.

    Hope you can watch it as it's so well done. I know if my dog could talk he'd be on just the same tack! xxx

  • I think the last upgrade to itunes did something as I lost some apps! I have not really spent the time to explore the problems. I have not had a problem before but mine is an ipad 1 and does not have some of the refinements on the later models. If I cannot fix it myself I shall wait until my next visit to the technoweenie and get her to sort it out!

    I'm sure our dog Gypsy would have had a lot to say!!.

    Have to switch off the PC! Ruth neds to get in here to change the bed!

    Love M

  • Margaret why haven't you got any sound on your iPad. Lucy x

  • See my response abive! I may have muted it at some point though it was OK last time I used Iplayer!

  • Oh Annie that is so funny, made me laugh out loud. I feel I need cheering up, silly I know but I'm off for my blood test this morning, first check up next week. I feel so sick and nervous, not been near the hospital in 3 months......bliss! That has lightened my mood so thank you.

    Love Linda xx

  • Dear Linda, oh how I feel for you. I hope the check up goes well. I'm so glad my little clip cheered you up. Please let us know what happens.

    I had to go to hospital recently. I'd watched the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel the evening before with that gob-smackingly un-PC start as Muriel Donnelly (the old bat from Peckham) lay untended in hospital for two days because 'she wouldn't let any darkies touch her'. The consultant opthalmologist I saw was Indian and it was all I could do to keep a straight face. The image of Maggie Smith refusing treatment just wouldn't go away. They say that eyes are windows to the soul and there he was peering in at mine!

    Good luck for later. xxx

  • Love it its so funny - just what we need at the moment!!

    I have my blood test nxt monday and off for first three monthly check up

    on 24th. Feeling nervous already. xx

  • Dear Annie

    Thank you for your lovely message! I'm home again already was very quiet in there. The phlebotomist was so nice, very chatty and made me laugh. She complimented my hair and before I knew it, it was all over and I was out the door. Fingers crossed it will all be fine, I feel so well, but then again I did this time last year right up to when I was diagnosed. Seeing my surgeon next Thursday, so will get on with life until then.

    I watched the dvd of that film recently, was soooo funny, but what a dreadful woman! It was the sort of 'feel good' film I really enjoy. I am now reading the book. It must have been hard for you to keep a straight face and it's making me smile thinking of it. Good thing we don't feel like her, my hospital is full of 'darkies' wouldn't be letting anyone touch me! Most of the nurses and doctors I have seen have been lovely whatever their colour, you always get the odd one regardless of creed or colour but that's life.

    Have a good day. Lovely here in Kent but a bit chilly, off to take the dogs out now.

    Love Linda xx

  • Dear Linda - I'm glad it went so well today. I also picked up the book having watched the film Couldn't put it down and for once I enjoyed both even though they were very different. You've reminded me I need to book my blood test and 9-month appointment.

    What my oncologist says to me is if I feel and look well there's probably no need to worry. I haven't seen the consultant since being discharged from her care 9 months ago - just see the Oncology Nurse. She prods my tummy, asks if I'm OK - as if she really needs to(!), we have a giggle, and I come away. I hope that it's the same for you and you have years and years of lovely remission.

    You're right about the staff in cancer care. They are absolutely wonderful and so are the patients I meet. Whilst I don't like going to hospital it's a bit like walking into a nice big cream bun. There's not even any car park rage even though there aren't enough spaces.

    Lots of love xx Annie

  • I'm in Clatterbridge at the moment having a CT scan and I'm howling laughing. What a great way to cheer me up. Ha ha .

    Lucy x

  • Hi Loucy,

    I was there ths morning we could have met up...what a shame I didn't know ...I hope all went well love x G x :-)

  • Haha I didn't mean Loucy sorry Lucy can't be bothered to delete it love x G x :-)

  • I had muted the sound! How I do not know but now I have appreciated it in full! Poor dog! Rotten owner! LOL!


  • Oh that's really hilarious Annie! Just whats needed, a really good laugh. .Julie x.

  • Hi Julie,

    Welcome back my friend hope all is x G x :-)

  • hi gwyn.

    not been on line much.very busy ,very tired and then was in hospital for 8 days.will not hijack this thread will do an update at some point,but its a bit of a long saga.I am certainly better than I was last week..will be in touch.juliex

  • Hi Annie,

    If you could send me your email address .....I have a funny one sent to me from my sister in law in Tavistock...I could send it to you... then you could post it on this x G x :-)

  • Hi Whippit,

    I also saw the clip but no sound so I kept pressing the volume button but nothing so I sent a report to Chrome but just after I had sent it I noticed That the headphone socket was still plugged in(what a wally!). Anyway I finally heard it and yes lots of chuckles:-):-):-)


  • Hi everyone can anyone tell me how I can send it to a friend it's priceless.

    Lucy x

  • Hi Lucy,

    I have just sent it to you love x G x :-)

  • Fabulous - I love it!! It's so good to laugh.

    C xx

  • Hi Angelina

    so sorry I meant to say yesterday (chemo brain still!) good luck for Monday and for your check up on the 24th, I know how you feel. Fingers crossed we are both fine.

    Have a good weekend.

    Love Linda xx

  • hahahahah very cute x

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