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alchol anyone?

Sarah P.

Just out of intrest has anyone had a few drinks along the way with or without chemotherapy? my Oncologist said that I could have an alcholic drink or two but to make sure that I drank in moderation, I never drank while I was on Chemotherapy just incase it didnt agree with me, but now I'm finished my Chemotherapy I would like to a have a couple of alcholic drinks a week, but as usual I'm to chicken just incase my O.C comes back, and then I would blame it on the alchol!!

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Well, nice to have something to blame!

Seriously, though - there is some support for the theory that a glass of red wine with food can actually be good as a preventative. I am not averse to the odd glass of wine or lager if it is organic and not filled with chemicals and preservatives. The 'odd' probably amounts to once or twice a month in my case. I think the real test is how you feel as a result. I am very aware that sometimes a little alcohol leaves me feeling less well the next day, and as I am doing everything I can to support my immune system, at those times I avoid it.

I am also making fruit wines as they are made with home grown fruit, wild yeasts, and a minimum of sugar which is there to feed the yeast and make the alcohol. I look forward to using them next Xmas instead of shop-bought wines.



Mmmm, yum! Your home-made wines sound delicious, Isadora! Sarah, I drink what I want, really. Have done since my op. However, I do get migraines which hit me badly if I drink more than a couple of glasses of wine. I've had them since puberty about twice a month and they show no signs of abating :-( My migraines limit me more than anything else. I choose my wines carefully and know my limitations. I have the odd glass of real ale on occasions too, especially if it's organic. I love champagne too when there is something to celebrate! As for soft drinks, I drink a lot of ginger beer and ale. I heard it's supposed to be good for warding off the OC cells!

Go on, have a glass of wine or two! Enjoy!

Love, Wendy xx


Sarah, I tended to avoid alcohol directly after chemo, as I felt fuzzy-headed enough - and in fact didn't fancy it then. But I would drink as usual in the other weeks. I guess it doesn't help the fatigue, but I would personally prefer to have the pleasure of the alcohol on some evenings and cope with the slight possible addition of tiredness. As for it affecting the cancer, I have never found any information that suggested alcohol has any diverse effects. In moderation, I would agree.

Sara x


Hi Sarah - you raised a question close to my heart as we have always enjoyed wine and often share a bottle with our meal. When I had my first chemo in 1998 the only advice I received was that I may want to avoid alcohol for the first week or so as it could react badly with the chemo. In fact it didn't have any adverse effects but I did find that my taste buds were effected and I often didn't want wine. Last year when I started again I read in a Macmillan booklet on nutrition that a glass of sherry or brandy before a meal could stimulate the appetite and a small glass of wine with food could help prevent sickness. I bit of a blow for me because for much of the time after treatment any alcohol tasted revolting and my family had to resort to getting me to try a sip every day in the hope that it would help the appetite. But it did come back for a week before the next session. This year the same thing has happened. Immediately after treatment - I can't bear the taste and then it comes back gradually. My husband says that he knows I am really back with him when I enjoy a glass of wine. So my conclusion - "listen to your body". If it doesn't want something it will let you know. And while I wouldn't suggest that anybody on chemo overdid alcohol (I have more or less given up my malt whiskey) I think that if a moderate amount helps you feel good and normal - fine. OC changes life so much that I like get back to the normal me as much as possible.




Why not? Just don't get so blotto that you throw up...and have a hangover the next day. Red wine contains resveratol, which is being researched now as an anti cancer agent. I pick up some nice bottles at Aldi every now and then. So a couple of glasses of that might even help.


Hi Sarah,

My Oncologist has always encouraged me to drink with my chemo. Unfortunately due to the metallic taste in the mouth I can't drink red wine any more, but it didn't take me too long to find an alternative white wine !!



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