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Time off ?

Hi all,

well I'm going back to work today after taking 8 days off. I booked the time off as I was having my 4TH chemo and was told I would feel poorly. I must say I'm looking forward to going back. After the first 4 days of being off I was totally bored. Thank god the grandchildren were off school so I could take them out. My question is "" I'm due to go for my operation at the end of September and have been told I will need 2-3 months off. I know i will need some time off but wondered how long other ladies were off work after their operation. I have a quite an active job, I am a waitress therefore on my feet all the time."""

Thank you ladies

Love and Hugs to you all Babs x x x

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Hi Babs,

All the best with going to work will need to rest after your operation...but I am sorry I can't answer your question as I had chemo after the op...and as I worked with children I stayed off work for about four months after I finished x G x :-)


Hi Doreen

I think they will probably sign you off work for at least 6 weeks as you will not be allowed to lift anything, not even a 4 pint bottle of milk for at least that period.

A lady at work recently had a hysterectomy and she did not return to work until nearly 9 weeks and then she had a staged return (1st week part-time). It all depends how you feel. So 6 weeks is the minimum.



Hi Doreen . If i remember you have had the three lots chemo then the surgery and then last 3 lots chemo . I have not long went back to work . \went back 1 week after last chemo . My job let me do a gradual return and i am part time hours and working up,You have a physical job so at least 6 weeks of no heavy lifting . Please take it easy and do not rush

All the best



Hi Babs

I had surgery in January 2010 and took 9 weeks off. I then went back on a phased return to a desk job.

This however was waaayyy too soon , my case was slightly different as I thought that I had just had a cyst removed.

A friend who had cervical CA was told that people with "pathologies" need three months off. She took 3 months off and did much better than I did. I know that you are very fit and active but you have had chemo before , so this may impact healing. The last thing you want is to be cured of your cancer but to be lto end up with chronic pain as I seem to have done.

Look on it as time to really rest and be spoilt.


Charlie xxxx



I'm retired, but remember colleagues who had hysterectomies but didn't have cancer being off 2-3 months. This is major surgery and your body needs time to recover, so returning to work too soon may delay your feeling properly well. As a waitress you probably wouldn't be able to perform all the tasks you're meant to do, especially the lifting. After a couple of weeks you may find yourself thinking 'I feel perfectly alright', and tempted to start carrying shopping and unloading the washing machine. Don't do it, your insides will not have healed.

Walking is good though.

Try to enjoy this extended, enforced holiday!

Love Christine



I had my op in feb this year.i found that after 7 weeks I could return to my desk job but not full time.

This was only because I rigorously followed the physio regime when I came out of hospital and recovered quickly.

You should prepare yourself for the Timeoff.

Good luck


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