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Ovarian Cancer & Massage

Hi Everyone - there is a history of ovarian cancer in my family, with my mum passing away last year of it.

As such, I have a very active interest in Ovarian cancer.

I am a qualified holistic therapist, practising in massage, reflexology and reiki - and have just embarked on a cancer & complementary therapies course to supplement this.

Am about to work voluntarily in a local hospice with cancer sufferers , and also have to carry out multiple sessions on cancer casestudies over the next 4 months and a dissertation on Ovarian cancer as part of my course.

I am based in Bedfordshire, and if there is any of you wonderful women out there who need massage/reflex or reiki, whether you're in remission or actively fighting - free of charge - please let me know.

Love & light to all


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Hi Lesley,

Good for you!

i am a Reiki therapist and am always promoting complementary therapy as I truly believe the holist therapies are excellent. Quite a few hospitals are including complementary therapy alongside conventional medicine so it is definetely good news. I definitely recommend it.

Take care of yourself.


Where abouts in Bedfordshire are you


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