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Ovarian Cancer

I was diagnosed with 3c ovarian cancer in November 2008 and have had two reoccurences, I finished chem in Feb 2011 and have been really great since then. I have always suffered from odd twinges. I am waiting to see my onc on the 1st August. Unfortunately, two weeks ago I started to get a little breathless when going upstairs, made an appointment with my GP who thought I had a chest infection and prescribed me a course of antibiotics. Unfortunately, it did not clear up and was sent for a chest x ray which showed I have some fluid on the lungs and it is possible that it is a progression of the oc and am waiting to see a consultant physician on Monday morning. Am feeling pretty scared about this, but as I am unable to do a lot due to the breathlessness,, in a way the sooner I am seen the better. Is there anyone out there that has had this problem.


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Hi Jean. You must be feeling scared right now, but it's good that you have an appointment on Monday. As you know, time is off the essence with this illness. Try to look on the bright side, it may be something unrelated but if it is linked, they will be able to start treatment straight away. Is there a helpline contact with your CNS at the hospital? Maybe not, it all closes down at weekends though doesn't it? If you want to find out more, it may be worth going on the Macmillan website. They have a forum thread on there and I've found the answers come back pretty quickly. In the meantime, just try to relax, soak up some sunshine if possible and eat well. I hope it all goes well for you on Monday. Let us know

Wendy xx


Hi Wendy, Was admitted to hospital after visit to clinic to have a chest drain, what a relief. They drained nearly 2.8 litres of fluid from my lung. Am now recovering at home and have an appointment with my oncologist on Monday who no doubt will have the results back from the sample analysis. Jean x


Hi Jean. I am so glad you are OK. I too was diagnosed with oc in May 2008 stage 3c. I had surgery and then chemo for 6 sessions of carbo/taxol. I was diagnosed with my recurrence in January 2011 and finished my second lot of chemo (again carbo/taxol) 30th June. I have 3 tumours but have responded well to treatment. I had a CT Scan yesterday and I am very anxious regarding the results I will receive next week. I have just got over a chest infection - 2 lots of anti-biotics and steroids. At last I am better but know how scary it must have been for you. Good luck for Monday.. I am sure all will be well. Linda x


Hi Wendy. Many thanks for your comments, As you say the helpline is not availble over the weekend but I will certainly have a look on the Macmillan website.



If you feel any worse at all regarding the breathlessness, call an ambulance and get yourself taken to the nearest Accident & Emergency department. This is very important, particularly if you live alone. I have also been diagnosed OC 3c with grade 3 cells. In your situation, that is what I would do.

Also, during the hayfever season, I have had on a couple of occassions, asthma attacks, a condition that can also be exacerbated by nervousness.

The unfortunate fact is that being nervous - through the basic biological 'fight or flight' response - makes any breathlessness, whatever its cause, much, much worse because being nervous makes the heart beat faster and so more blood moves faster through the lungs, and the lungs' capacity to cope, if there is fluid there at all for whatever reason, becomes less.

A simple exercise that was I was taught by a nurse sometime ago is called 7/11. In essence breathe in as much as you can up to a mental count of 7 and then breathe out as slowly as you can, and try to count up to 11. The idea is to bring down your blood pressure, but it has a similar effect on the heart rate.

Please let me know when you're able to post again that you are OK. Thanks. Chrissie.


Hi Wendy,

Yes I have had fluid on the lungs with my OC. It came on quite quickly, when I was between treatments, and I ended up in A &E, with 5 days in hospital, and had to have one lung drained. The onc sorted out my next lot of chemo quite quickly (we knew I would need it as my counts were so high). I still get puffy, but so much better than I was. I too do deep breathing excercises whenever I remember, and it helps calm the system down.

If you are really suffering go to A & E, but otherwise your appointment tomorrow might bring quick results....

Good luck



Hi Viv

Did get sorted out quickly after my clinic appointment. Was admitted and a chest drain inserted 2.8 litres of fluid removed, some of which was sent away for analysis and will get the results when I see my onc on Monday. It is such a relief to breath properly again. Jeanx

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Been to hospital this morning and have to go and have the fluid drained later today. Be glad when I can breath properly again. Consultant says that I will be in a few days. Many thanks for your comments its nice to know there is someone to confide our problems with.



My breathless feelings are gastro. Had CT which was negative for any recurrences. Have had 3c clear cell ovarian cancer in 2007 and again in 2015. Having trouble finding a gastro that will see me quickly. I have an appointment with a UCI dr on Dec 20. Live in So CA desert. Cancer treatment at Loma Linda. Wonderful oncologist but doesn't treat gastric problems.


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