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Pain again!

Sorry to be a nuisance.

I know I havent been diagnosed as yet its tomorrow, but am getting pain under right rib, in hip and now in my bottom?

Could this be totally unrelated to my problem (whatever it is)

Im getting so stressed now I cant even think straight!

Shaking hands and cant eat a thing!, feel so weak now!

Im a total wreck!

Any advice please



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Hi Pam,

Sorry you're having such a horrid time! Did you get checked out at a&e the other day? If so, what did they say?

The first advice has to be to get to your GP as an emergency, if your pain persists. Just as a calming technique, and I am not saying that your pain is not real ( but it is likely that you are hyper-vigilant and hyper-sensitive because you are so worried), try sitting down and breathing deeply into a PAPER bag. Recycling the breath in this way concentrates the carbon dioxide, which acts as a natural tranquillizer. If doing this for 5 minutes, calms your shakes and reduces your pain, you can be pretty sure that your tension is a major cause.

You are being seen tomorrow, so there is not long to wait now. The truth is that, even if you have the worst possible diagnosis (which is unlikely), you WILL get through whatever needs to be done. The worst bit is the waiting for diagnosis and treatment plan. So, sit down, breathe, and recognise that you will get through all this, and that will be the case whether you wrack yourself with worry or not!

I sincerely hope you feel better very soon, and that you get good news too!

Very best wishes,



Hi Pam,

When I was being diagnosed I used to get all kinds of random pains and as Isodora said I'd become hyper-aware. Sometimes being able to talk to someone about it would make me feel better


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