It's my birthday!!

Hi there fellow ovacome buddies,

I just wanted to shout from the rooftops I am 50 today - a birthday I didn't think I would even get to 18 months ago.

So what am I doing on my special day? Relaxing at home or maybe taking it easy after all I have cancer?


I am currently in Milton Keynes waiting to get up and go indoor skydiving with my two children ( husband excused as he is working). We are then booked into the snozone indoor ski slope to go sledging in the afternoon. I CAN'T WAIT.

Then tomorrow I am holding a fun casino night on behalf of ovacome with about 70 people coming. Hopefully I will raise lots of money.

But it doesn't end there - at the beginning of August I will be handling and flying owls and riding a camel at my local camel centre.

I may never make it to pension age but I will grow older disgracefully for as long as I can.

Now what else can I plan to do hang gliding sounds good!!!

Excited birthday girl


P.s. must try and write a poem about my experiences. Gwyn any tips where to start?

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  • Dear Jackie

    It's a privilege to be the first to wish you a massively happy birthday today and lots more growing older disgracefully.

    What an inspiration you are - to you family, friends and your online buddies.


    love Annie x

  • Thank you Annie,

    We are all inspirational to each other just by being on this forum.

    3 hours to go then sky diving here I come!!

    Hugs Jackie

  • Go Girl,

    I think your FAB doing all those things. Just wish I was 50 still suppose I could plan something special for my 58th in November. It would have to be somthing inside as it can get pretty cold at that time of the year. Hope you reach retirement age then we can all meet up and have a BIG party as you dont seem do things by half. Enjoy all the things you have planed. Lots of Love for a special lady on her very special Birthday from Babs x x x x x

  • That's a plan then a big 60th birthday party. I'll have to start planning that one so I've got something to aim towards.

    Casino night was great fun and I got a bit too drunk - serves me right for not drinking for a long time then over doing it last night. Major hangover today though!

    Keep well

    Jackie xxx

  • Happy 50th Birthday Jackie

    It sounds as though you have some wonderful (and brave - wouldn't catch me skydiving!) things planned. Camels and owls should be fun. Did some hawking a few years back with a harrier hawk and could never have imagined how enjoyable it was. I think you are growing older inspirationally!


  • I'm really looking forward to the owl handling. I'm glad you enjoyed the hawking experience.

    I want to spend whatever time I have left giving my sons experiences and memories to last them a lifetime - and to enjoy myself while I can.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Wow! Wow ! Wow! Hippy! Hoppy! Happy! Birthday! Jackie! What a privilege to wish you a "Happy Birthday" (wish I was there) I love-love-love your style hope you and your lovely boys have a really- really fab time...I have just woken up (by the postman) had a lie in but what a lovely start to the day.. thank you... have cheered me up..lots of love x Gwyneth x

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 8-) 8--) 8-) 8-) 8-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Oops!! 8-)

  • Thanks for all the happy faces. I have just skydives. FANTASTIC. it was over too quick. Now sitting at the bottom of the ski slope watching everyone else and waiting for our time slot to start. Whey hey!!

    Definately adrenalin fix going on here!

    Love Jackie

  • Dear Jackie

    You might just have discovered a new therapy - adrenalin's got to be good. Inspirational people like Lance Armstrong seemed to defy cancer and he had a packet of adrenalin and exercise.

    Wishing you many more years of adrenalin fixin".

    xx Annie

  • Hi :-D :-D :-D these faces have got an adrenalin fix

  • Hope you're having a wonderful day Jackie and that you enjoy all those other things youve planned.


  • Thanks Linda.

  • Hi Jackie Wishing you a very very happy birthday . Braver than me with the sky diving . Have a great time with the boys and wishing you loads more great birthdays to come



  • Thank you Ally.

    We had a great day but I'm aching now. Still no time to rest casino night to organise.

    Hugs jackie

  • Another couple of faces will do it 8-) :-O

  • Hi Jackie!

    What a celebration list! Enjoy every second. You deserve it. Well done for being such a great inspiration and a fantastic fundraiser too.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you Wendy,

    I managed to raise £350 at my casino night and had great fun.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Hi there SUPER girl ...

    A very very happy wonderful 50th Birthday to you xxxxxxx

    I see there will be another book coming out soon ..cannot wait to see it ..

    You so deserve a brilliant birthday .

    Glad the skydive went ok !!!!!!! was a little worried when you told me what you were doing .... Do hope the rest of your day is going great guns ..just like you ......

    Have a great weekend ...

    love Jan xxxxxxx

  • hi Jan,

    Now there's an idea for another book!!

    The skydiving was brilliant but Ben decided he didn't fancy it in the end so Alex and I used his time in the wind tunnel but boy do I ache today - especially my arms and shoulders.

    The sledging was great fun but again tiring as we had to climb back up the top of the hill each time. Walking in snow is really hard work but whizzing down was better.

    When we went tubing in Norwich they had these conveyor belt things that took you up which was easier.

    Speak soon

    Jackie mad 50 year old!

  • Hi Jackie, Happy 50th Birthday, have a great time and enjoy every minute .

    Best Wishes Love Sue xx

  • Thank you Sue,

    I think this was my best birthday ever.

    Love Jackie

  • You go girl. Hope you had a fab day

  • Thanks scardycat,

    I had a great day. Worn out now but ready to plan my next adventure.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Wow, Jackie, what a fantastic way to celebrate reaching 50 !!! Must wish you a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Long may you grow old disgracefull . Hope the fundraising went/goes well.

    Best wishes, Solange

  • Thanks Solange,

    I managed to raise £350 which I was pleased with and got very drunk. oh dear!!

    Hangover today but it was worth it!

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Poor you - do hope the hangover's gone and you don't feel too whacked out!!

    Love, Slange

  • Typed too hastily - I mean

    Solange !! 8(

  • Another mistake - i'll stop after this one. So true - more haste, less speed.

    Solange 8:(

  • happy birthday...go for it have a great time x

  • Thanks Shen,

    I had a great day

    Love Jackie


  • Hi Jackie.

    I hope your exciting birthday plans went well ,I'm sure you and your boys had a lovely time.

    Happy birthday,



  • Thanks Julie,

    I had a great time and the casino night was great. It's a shame several people didn't come but I managed to raise £350.

    How are you doing?

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • hi Jackie,

    I have decided your lovely birthday has gone down the page to soon so I am going to send you lot's of smiley faces to put you into the poplar blog spot LOL :-)

  • I mean too soon ( spelling mistake) haha :-)

  • Hi Jackie & boys,

    8-) :-/

  • I am going to writ a training blog for smiley faces haha :-) :-)

  • Oops!! I mean write :-D

  • Congratulations Jackie on reaching your milestone birthday and celebrating it in such a wonderful way. You are a true inspiration and I hope that I will make it to my 50th birthday next year and to celbrate in style. I am in a very similar situation to you and have just had my second chemo last week and will have a 3rd cycle on 14th August followed by debulking surgery in September.

    I pray that you continue to enjoy each day to the fullest and may all your dreams come true!!

    Lots of love

    Samixa X X :-) ;)

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