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Alcohol ???

Have you been told you can have alcohol while having chemo ? I was told I could have a glass of wine after a week of having chemo, but some sites I have looked at say to avoid it completely. Then some say have a glass of wine to give you an appetite, just wondered what you have been told. ? As I do enjoy a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanca. Im on Carbo - Raxol. Love to everyone from Babs x x

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Hi Babs,I was also told no wine until after a week but I found I couldn't enjoy it as

the taste was really horrid due to the chemo. I had a really bad time with taste for about ten days after chemo. Most food tasted really bad, but I found eating spicey food tasted great and coffee was a no no YUK !!! angelina x


Hi Andelina,

Its strange how our tastes change before I had chemo I hardly ever drank coffee, I always chose tea. But now I really enjoy coffee but I do have decaf and I like it milky or with coffee mate. Also I used to eat 3 apples a day now I don't like them but I am eating pears. I never eat meat and must say my tastes for that have not changed. Must admit I did have my daily glass of wine after the 1st chemo but I did wait for a week before indulging. It gave me an appetite as I'm not a good eater.

Well only six days to go until I crack open the plonk Love to all Babs x x x


Hi Babs

I'm Tee Total so don't ask me ??? Haha love x G x 8-) :-)


Hi Babs, I was never told not to have a drink- I was given the mac leaflet on eating and recipes which Includes recommended wines- i took that as an okay, so enjoyed the odd(?) glass- if you enjoy it- try it!




I was told the same on this one to leave it for a week or so after the chemo ..but then I did not fancy any wine after chemo at all but after a week had passed and the tum was better I ahd my red wine again moderation as they say ..enjoy Babs it will do you good xxx


Hi Babs

I was told to have a drink if I wanted and that it wouldn't do any harm at all.

Unfortunately though - I just don't like it nowadays. Wine - my favourite tipple - tastes really strange - as does about everything else I've tried. Also my stoma doesn't really like it and starts acting up even more than usual!

I must say - I really, really miss it - I so enjoyed sitting on my sofa with a nice glass of wine or two, a few nibbles and my favourite music playing on my iPod. Or popping into our local for a couple of glasses and maybe a chat with some of our neighbours. I still do these things but somehow it's just not the same with a glass of coke or a cup of tea!!

I just feel it's a part of my life that's gone and won't ever come back so therefore a part of me that's gone if that makes sense and it sometimes makes me feel sad. I know that sounds pathetic given everything else that's going on so I do keep trying every now and then to see if things have changed but so far no luck!!

So go ahead and try it and fingers crossed you'll have better luck than me!

Cheers! Cathy xx


Hi Babs le

I drink when i feel like one . Have a party at the weekend and intend to party hard.

Never asked if could drink or not . Red wine is an antioxidant . A little what you fancy goes a long way





Oh Ladies thank goodness I live in Spain where my Onc is a real wine buff. I can't drink red wine at all on chemo, but up to my present setback was able to drink a sweeter white, now I can't even drink this.

I have always drunk through chemo, my Onc positively encourages it, now when does a DR tell you that you can drink? .

I drink Tinto de Verano here when I go out, which is 1/3 red wine and the rest a drink similar to 7 UP. It is refreshing and a real summer drink. I also have a sherry a day to boost the appetite and drink Limoncello every evening. I am in my 6th year of fighting this disease - has alcohol done me any harm ?

The thing I do avoid is fruit juice on the day of chemo, as they say certain fruit juices react with the chemo

Anna x


Hi Anna,

As I am now on oral tablets for 10 days out of 21 life would be so boring if I could only drink a week after chemo!! (or fruit juice) and wouldn't leave me long to enjoy it!. I drink as and when I feel like it, and my onc has always said it was ok. Mind you things do taste odd at the mo, and I'm trying to be good as my weight has shot up so much I'm not sure what causes my shortage of breath. heigh ho - and they say you lose weight when you have cancer!!

Love n hugs



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