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A Big Public "Thank You' to WendyDee - Menopause Symptoms!

I had not started my menopause when, in January 2009, I had a radical hysterectomy with all the extras to remove large tumours on both ovaries, and cancer that had migrated to my lymph nodes. I was 53. I then had 6 cycles of carboplatin, and set about de-stressing my life (that was my job out of the window!), eating very well, and getting a healthy amount of exercise. Frankly, I was really just chuffed to bits to still be here (still am!!) and felt a bit churlish if I was tempted to complain about aches and pains. However, keeping fit has been a huge struggle because of pain. I'm no natural athlete - I tend to 'fleshy' -especially now that weight goes on so easily, and won't shift- but I used to love tennis, and now have time to play several times a week. It's great fun, and brings with it new friends and new focus. I also have a smallholding, so gardening and looking after my recalcitrant horses, making hay, logs, etc - keeps me and my husband busy.

For two and a half years I have had tendonitis in various tendons at various times, pelvic pain when I roll over in bed, and feel about 95 when I get up from bed and attempt to walk along the corridor, or down stairs. These things ease with movement, but are debilitating and distressing ('although, mustn't moan - I'm lucky to be alive' my inner voice keeps saying).

Well, recently I was reading a post from Wendy - a font of sensible, useful info on this board - and she said she'd used a 'Ladycare Magnet'. On my bedside table there sat a watch-strap magnet I used at some time in my life, and forgot about over the past 2.5 years (it's a shock that makes you forget so very much!). I thought; 'It's utterly rubbish, of course - but if Wendy thinks it helped..." I taped it to my tummy.

That night -2 nights ago- no hot flush waking me up just as I tried to get to sleep, and a fairly good night. In the morning, though - I could walk without the usual ghastly slow untangling of tendons and attendant pain. I walked upright down the stairs to make tea whereas often I take it a stair at a time, foot to foot, wincing. A fluke, perhaps? No! Last night, the same, and this morning - although wet and cold, I am ok again, and feeling just a little more alive and ok than for 30 months. My Ladycare Magnet is on order!


Isadora. xx

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Isadora, I'm SOOOOO glad that it helped.

I found that my "magic knicker magnet" (as I call it) has helped me so much. I heard of it via my menopause specialist at the menopause clinic at the hospital. She just gave me the sense that what I was feeling was all quite natural, especially vaginal dryness and an attendant feeling like cystitis, which she gave me a prescription for vagifem for. (Almost as good as the Ladycare!) She's a wonder! So I can't claim any credit. What would we do without the support of our doctors and nurses, heh?

Like you, I'm sure the Ladycare isn't a a fluke. If I am without mine (and thereby hangs a tale!!!!!!!) I have hot flushes and a feeling a bit like an adrenalin rush in my stomach almost within the hour.

Thanks for your lovely comments. I always enjoy reading your answers too. Like you, I've struggled with weight since I had my op. I put on 1.5 stone and can't seem to shift it. However, like you, after what could have been, I think "what the hell am I worrying about ;-)" It's really good to think my musings have helped a bit. Keep on thinking the positive thoughts and hoping your magic knicker magnet helps you as well as it has helped me.

Love, Wendy xx



On the subject of body weight: I remember joking with a nurse when I went for my 'pre-surgery' checks that I'd be a lot lighter after they'd taken all those bits away. NOT true! I weighed the same afterwards, and put on weight during chemotherapy!

That's what I call b***** unfair!

I xx


I must get a 'magic knicker magnet' too I think! Thanks so much for these tips.

Cat xxx


There are so many bits of information out there. I'm in the process of drawing some of them together into a book about o.v. and my experiences. It seems to me that, when diagnosed, all you can find are reports of people who have died. I am a psychotherapist by profession, and I have a strong impression of how much expectation can influence outcome. I went through a period of being really hostile to the oncology dept, and all the bits attached to it, including the pastoral services, because as a patient I felt sucked in to a victimising machine which just made me feel weaker and worse than I needed to. The only 'medical' person who would say 'your case looks different than many others in these ways - so you might get well', was my Specialist nurse - and frankly, that was simply because she felt that I was a far more qualified therapist than she, and I wouldn't set too much store by what anyone else said.

Actually, that was untrue - as the fact that she said these things gave me hope. When I let her know this, she just kept saying;"You'll be fine!' I know it wasn't 'true' or 'false' - but it helped!!

By the way the magnet I'm currently using whilst waiting for the 'real thing' to arrive in the post is a simple 'bioflow' magnet taped to my tummy.



To late for me.LOL

But good luck to all the ladies with their "MAGNETS"

Wish they had had them in my days.LOL.


The sad fact is, they probably did, but you didn't know. Magnets are good for many inflammatory conditions, so worth thinking about for arthritis, rheumatism, etc.



Mmmm something I else on my list to check out. I hate the menopause with a passion. I was told not to use HRT although I did for a while just to keep me sane through chemo... I was only 40 when I was diagnosed and I never thought that I would come out the other side with osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis),, plantar fasciitis in my heels making getting out of bed agony.. hot flushes and sleep depravation.... an extra 3 stone in weight and a libido which hasn't just wained ... it's disappeared in the ether! I dont think I even remember what to do LOL....


I had implants for a year after my op, with testosterone in them. Libido? AND HOW! And I could drink the wine with impunity, no hangovers! These men have a good life!!!!! There are some forms of testosterone, natural and synthetic, I think, which can be applied topically. You'll have to check with docs or CNS contacts first, but if libido is a problem it may be worth it. I blame my CNS for weight gain too! I had a panic when I was still losing weight after my op and diagnosis, she said I should eat and drink all I want over Christmas, while waiting for my biopsy results back and my oncology appointment, I took her at her word (see above about hangovers ;-O) I'm still trying to shift that stone and a half. Oh well!


Having used a Bioflow magnet to help my arthritis, I ordererd a Ladycare magnet to try and alleviate menopausal symptoms. This it did indeed but unfortunately it was incompatible with my Bioflow wristband ( they have different polarity and using both together can cause unpleasant side effects). I then had the brainwave of using a Bioflow Boostbelt - this has exactly the same benefits as the Ladycare but is compatible with my wristband. I have now been hot flush free for a good 2 weeks and my husband reckons my libido is returning - I would never have expected that such a simple device would have had such amazing results. The other benefit is that I don't have to wear knickers in bed which I hate as the belt, which is very comfy just velcros round your waist.


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