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I would suggest anyone who has or had ovarian cancer read the attached link. I had stage 3b ovarian cancer 5 years ago, I was 40yrs old. I did a lot of my own research and I honestly believe that ginger root works. I get them from Holland & Barrett 550mgs and I take 2 a day. I also took 250mgs of Iron a vitamin c tablet during my chemotherapy. The hospital initially said I couldn't take anything, so i had a meeting with my oncologist who said that this was fine. I took the iron because once again I read that the worst thing you can be during your chemotherapy is anaemic, this is when people miss sessions. I sailed through my chemotherapy and never missed a single session. This again, I believe was because I was taking iron. If you don't help yourself, who will. Good luck to everyone on here, people can survive this!! Please read attached link. xxx

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  • Ellen,

    For loads of other support, including this check out

    Very best wishes,


  • That is really interesting, Ellen. Thanks. I take ginger tablets for an unpredictable stomach with migraines, so maybe it's helping in other ways too!

  • Gosh... I think taking ginger might become part of my daily routine after reading that!

    Thanks for highlighting it.


  • ur welcome, anything to help!! xxx Good luck xxx to us all !!!

  • I agree... I started taking ginger after I started getting ill after chemo, and I found it really does help!!

    Take care x

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