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diagnosed with oc in march after visiting the consultant have been told that there is a possibility that the cancer could be in my liver

i am having my 6th chemo on monday then i will have another scan this is what the consultant is waiting to see if this shows there is cancer in the liver they wont give me a hysterectomy has anyone else had this happen to them. I have been told it is unusual.s

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Hi Nicki

This isn't quite what happened to me but seeing as no one else has responded I thought I would. I had chemo then hysterectomy then more chemo as there is cancer on my liver. All I can say is that there are lots of different chemo drugs out there which can knock the stuffing out of what ever tumours you have, no matter where they are. You may get positive news following the scan but if you don't, rest assured there is a plan B.

Very best wishes



thank you so much sarah i have been shedding lots of tears thinking that i am about to die. went for 6th chemo today but couldnt have it due to low platelets also got to have a blood transfusion so this is going to delay the scan. unfortunately my consultant is a bit of a cold fish so your comments have given me fresh hope thank you again nikki


There are lots of reasons to have hope! Don't let your consultant get you down. If they don't tell you the worst case scenario I get the impression they don't feel like they are doing their job properly. I have exceeded their expectations all the way along the line. I bet you are at your lowest ebb at the moment having endured all that chemo. Its sounds like you are nearly at an end of this course of treatment and will then have the opportunity to regroup. Its amazing how quickly you will start to feel better once the chemo is over Yes there may be more on the horizon but in the meantime your hair will grow back (if you've lost it) and the next drug might not make it fall out at all. Get some nice things planned for the next month or so. I finished chemo just over 2 weeks ago and I've already been camping and gone to Wimbledon. I'm not saying you've got to tire yourself out but just doing something that helps you forget for a short it makes all the difference.

Sorry I've gone on a bit!

Let me know how you get on.


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