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Seen specialist after waiting 3 months and feeling bit stressed, should I be worried?

I joined a while ago and in summary I had an ovary removed due to a benign tumour 2 years ago. Few months ago it was discovered I have another one around 7cm, they weren't sure what it was so saw ultrasound doc who said it looked benign to her and she would refer me. I saw the gynae consultant last week who said he has never known a case where a tumour has come back so fast and as he didn't like the rate it was growing would order CA125, LDH, CEA and he booked me in for surgery in 7 weeks. He is worried about me losing the ovary if it is benign so is starting laproscopy and then going open surgery if he can't separate. I don't have many symptoms apart from heavy periods, lots of pain like pressure and stitches and constipation but I think that is probably down to diet as been doing Dukan diet. If the tests are not normal how long will it be before they tell me?

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Hi Clarelouise,

Your tests will probably be with the oncologist within a day or two. Try ringing to find out, and if that meets with no answers, go to your gp who will be able to access your file. I find that my GP takes the attitude that blood test results are my information, so there's never been any problem with getting hold of them. Good luck, and I hope it's good news!



Dear ClaireLouise

I am one of the support line nurses at Ovacome Is it possible for you to give us a ring so we can discuss things a bit more fully? The number is 08453719554 Mon- Fri 10-5 so we can discuss things further. If you aren't able to contact us let us know and I will try and respond to your question-it would just be helpful to ask you a few questions.

Best Wishes



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