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Has anyone been on Tamoxifen for OC?

Hello ladies

My ca is rising slowly and is now 158 and my Onc has suggested Tamoxifen for a few months to see if it stabilises the disease. As my next chemo will be 4th line I'm in no rush, I've got no symptoms, and Onc will see me monthly to check how things are going by monitoring ca and CT scans if necessary. I'd be interested to know if any of you have taken Tamoxifen, did it do any good either stabilising, reducing or slowing the disease. Also would appreciate any comments on side effects or any info at all based on your experiences. I know it's widely used for breast cancer and apparently about 30 percent successful with OC. So I'm inclined to give it a go for a while. Thanks ladies. Meryl XXXXX

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Hi Meryl,

My onc has suggested it to me as well. My CA125 is 226, after 5 lots of chemo, but he has also suggested another oral one (can't remember the name off hand!!). I've just had a ct scan and see what he thinks in 3 weeks. At the moment I don't feel too bad, so if that continues I hope he will put mine off for a little while. But I do know that when it wants too it comes on fast, so every pain, or breath shortage makes you wonder..............

Lets us know.



Hi Viv

Thanks for your comments. The Onc did mention two names but not sure if they were two different types of Tamoxifen or something else but he definitely said he recommended Tamoxifen .... I'll ask on Friday when I see him next as I'm having a CT scan Wednesday and he's going to decide for definite when he gets the report. Like you I'm feeling pretty good right now but lost a friend to this wretched disease in March as it went out of control for her really quickly and like you said every twinge is a potential for worry. Will post how it goes after next week.

Enjoy feeling good and I hope you stay feeling that way for ages. Meryl XXXX


Lucky you to get your scan report in days, it takes us 3weeks, on a good day to get ours. I had my scan Friday and get the results on june11! Had a good weekend in the new motorhomeso so hoping it continues.

Good luck


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